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How to Live with Introverts Guide Printable

Okay, maybe DA will let you guys print this now.
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German Translation:
It is not exactly word by word (didnt use translation of obnoxious for example, saying that feels a bit too hard in german), and i had to change some design elements, because of my missing talents to work with computer programs, but it's still nothing more than a translation in "german words", that keeps the sense.
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I can really relate to the giant hamster ball.
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ive been exposed
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...I just noticed that some of these little guys look like Proto versions of Serious Engineering Characters. 
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YAY you're the first to notice!
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But... what if you don't like hugs???? '-' (Also I love this so much. XD)
Can i translate to turkish?
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Brilliant! You show exceptional understanding of how introversion works -- and how extroverts are so bloody tiring! This should be an educational tool, because too few people understand how introversion works and get stressed with an introverted partner or family member when they don't understand why that person doesn't want to socialise.

I think I need to show this to my husband; I'm a *serious* introvert and, unfortunately, he's one of the ones who lacks understanding.
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XD Thank you! I hope it helps you and your husband out!
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Do you think I could do a translation of this?  Of course, I'd credit you and everything.
This should be avaliable in my language in form of leaflets and warning tables...I can relate
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By all means, go ahead!
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"Introverts get lonely, too."
Great!!! Need this in my language, on A4 and professionaly done. Than I could put this evrywhere.
Sorry for my langueage, non native speaker.
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I want to thank you, especially, because thanks to you, I've put this on my bookmarks and now I send this to anyone who bothers me with social demands and get a good understanding in return, you made my life easier in many occasions and severald times... So, did I say thanks? Yeah, thanks... A lot! :v
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This comment made me very happy. Thank you. 
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Hey, my pleasure! Really, literally! ^^
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I have used this comic frequently to explain to people why I react the way I do, especially when it comes to physical touch from people I don't have a deep relationship with (I have literally hissed at one person...), so that particularly panel is especially true for me.

Since I share it so much, I thought I should finally comment and just say: Thank you!
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