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Frozen Comics - Ice Party

What the hell am I doing.
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I was laughing so hard at Anna's facial expressions the whole time XD
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D'awwwwwwwwwwwww  So cute!!!
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I have no idea why I drew these. Just got the cute bug, I guess.
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The ending was the best part!
"I found a princess!"
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I love this, the last bit with the Ice King is perfect :XD: And Glaceon and Beartic are so cute!!
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It's kinda neat to see that someone else also believes that Elsa's gay.
Honestly, I think that's what the movie's about.

Theory Time:
First, read the lyrics to Let it Go. "Let it go, let it go, can't hold me back anymore ... here I stand, and here I'll stay, let it go, let it go, the cold never bothered me anyway." It sounds almost like a, for lack of a better term, "coming out" song.

Second, Elsa is, correct me if I'm wrong, the only Disney princess who doesn't end up with a guy at the end of the movie. Okay, not perfect proof, but it's interesting how they decided to break the decades-old trend with her.

Finally, I'm going to quickly give a synopsis of the movie:
 -Elsa lives most of her childhood and adolescence hiding herself away because she's not comfortable with her powers
 -People find out about Elsa's powers
   -Villagers become afraid of her
   -Some actually consider her evil and/or a witch
 -Elsa runs away and finally accepts herself and her powers
 -Meanwhile, her concerned sister, who still loves her despite her powers, goes out to try to find Elsa
 -Elsa is almost killed by those who consider her evil
 -Elsa gets brought back home and is almost killed because of her powers by the character who started out as a friend
 -Elsa is protected by her sister, who still cares for her

All right, now replace "powers" with "sexuality."
Honestly, if you cut out the talking snowman and the singing rock trolls Who at Disney thought those were a good idea, by the way?, you have a movie about coming out and acceptance of different sexualities.
I'm proud of you, Disney.
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This was my interpretation, too. 

Now if only the movie didn't spend 70% of it's time on the obnoxious Anna...
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Nah, she was important in establishing that even murderous bigots aren't as bad as a select few... "humans."
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I think Sub-Zero lost his invitation. Probably for the best though.
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He was invited last year. It didn't work out so well. 
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this is honestly one of my favorite comics in the whole entire worl
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To be honest, I'm kinda glad Jack Frost isn't in this... No offense to any Jelsa shippers, but I don't think Elsa and Jack are compatible...
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I found a pin of this on Pinterest and like half the comments on there was "where's jack?!"
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Yay:D Personally I ship Elsa with Daenerys from Game of Thrones. Cause, you know, fire and ice. Where's Loki? I Love your Anna so much :D
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That makes so much sense I made it mind canon.
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I am genially suprised Jack Frost isn't here considering the fanon
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He's not here because I personally hate that fandom.
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