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A Hierarchy of Genres Ch. 2: Spoliarium pg 31



By HemlockMilk and ChartreuseNoir (Same people diff accounts)

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I love how calm they both are about all this :giggle:

Well someone got an epiphany...

I love Magdon. She is simply: It is what it is. ...You're hurt...

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humble pie is a good look on him. I like him more right now.

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He came there to do a reading. Instead he learned the gods aren't real and were made up by an immortal reality bender, saw what life after death is and now is looking upon a man he saw die, live again. The fact he's not screaming is commendable.

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Not saying it isn't true, but just because someone can bring people back from the dead doesn't mean you should immediately take them at their word. Although seeing the mystical nega-world with all the pretty colours and spirit candyfloss does at least jive with the narrative.

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At least Hemlock seems to have proved that he has the power to somehow resuscitate (some?) people. Perhaps the next events in this story will provide adequate prooves of Hemlock's other revelations. Actually, Dewina and the priests may know a lot of things that Pretorius does not, and which would corroborate what he has just learned.

Daniel-Gleebits's avatar

Oh I would not put it past the likes of Dewina to cover up or otherwise twist a history in which their ancestors were garbage.

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True, she and some priests are likely to spread lies and propaganda about the past, especially considering how the Last Emperor seems to have been described to most common people 900 years after the events narrated by Hemlock (Gryph himself, while accompanying Hemlock to the Last Emperor's statue head, mentioned some scary tales addressed to children...). Nonetheless, Dewina's future actions may betray what she really and secretely knows, and perhaps Pretorius would be there to witness and judge the Truth by himself. We shall see...

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Ah, good. All cinnamon rolls are safe and accounted for.

Dunno what happened to Dewina, but I can only hope it was painful.

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the babe is secured, I repeat, the babe is secured!

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*snrk* That first panel.

It's all so pretty, I just want to flop through the screen, and lay in that forest and not think. XD

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Fairly calm question/statement, considering its wordview shattering nature.

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