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Lt Tiggs



Clipped from the StarControl DataBase


Status: Extant, rebuilding
Ship: Scout
Homeworld: None
Contacts: Yehat
Quote: None

Physiology: We know little about the Shofixti's physiology; like the Mmrnmhrm, the Shofixti really were known only to the Yehat. Described as marsupial-like, the Shofixti would have pouched females, give birth to ungestated young, and be fairly fecund. The latter, at least, perfectly describes the Shofixti, who were able to reproduce to at least some number by the end of the post-war period. Sadly, they did so at the cost of their genetic future -- only 12 females and two males -- brothers -- restocked the species. The ramifications of this have yet to be realized, but it bodes ill for the species.

Philosophy: The feral Shofixti were only uplifted into sentience a decade or two before the start of the war, and never really developed a unique philosophy. What they did have was guided by the Yehat into a culture recalling feudal Japan, in a system of honor, loyalty, and noble self-sacrifice. They never came to the realization that such a system couldn't exist on earth with the influence of outside cultures. The war represented such a threat to the Shofixti way of life, and their unflinching valor left them on the receiving end of many gun arcs.
The Shofixti's dedication to the Alliance cause was total, even though they may not have completely understood it. When the Alliance cracked, the Shofixti returned to their homeworld because it was as the Yehat did. Abandoning the Syreen and the Arilou was of no concern to them; their paternal neighbors' motivation was all that they needed or comprehended. As the Ur-Quan task force entered their home system to subjugate their feral species, the Shofixti did the only thing they could. Surrender was never an option.
If the Shofixti have learned anything from their brief and poignant history, it is unknown. They have retired from the fore to lick their wounds and rebuild from the ashes. If they survive their genetic curse, their philosophy may do the same.

History: None. The Shofixti were uplifted only briefly before combat broke out. The end of the war signalled the end of the Shofixti nation -- truly the most notable casualties of the debacle. Everybody now knows that the Shofixti's glorious self-sacrifice, that of hurling a Precursor bomb into their sun at Delta Gorno, vaporized every Shofixti there to defend their home and hundreds of Dreadnoughts. While this may have ultimately cost the Ur-Quan Kzer-Za their war against their brothers thirty years hence, it also cost the Shofixti everything they had. Those that are left played a minor part in the post-war era, supplying crew to the earth starbase and such, but it is doubtful that the Shofixti will ever rise to the glory of their decimation.

Future Plans: Unknown. The Shofixti need to find a homeworld and continue to rebuild their numbers. They may also want to discuss the Yehat role in their future. It may be obvious to the Shofixti that the Yehat, who disgraced themselves in aligning with the Ur-Quan, are not the best cultural role-models for them.
Lt Tiggs is a Survivor from the Second interstellar war.

Lt. Tiggs (c) Charrio
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