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Clipped From The StarControl Database.

Earthlings are erect hominids who believe themselves to be technologically advanced. In fact, the human race is mired in the mentality and tools of the early post-Atomic age. Its representatives alternate between threat and appeasement. Its art is post-primitive, its system of government a model of inefficiency featuring an archaic system of organization -- "bureaucracy," believed to induce submission in defiant individuals. - from the Star Control 1 Manual

Earthling Cruiser:

The Earthling Cruiser is a vessel designed primarily for hit-and-run long-range attacks. Stay away from the enemy ship, and fire your seeking nukes constantly! Use a Gravity Whip off of the planet, if necessary to keep your distance, but be careful not to collide with the planet.
Earthling aboard a Cruiser
The only reason ever to get close to an enemy vessel is to make an honorable, point-defense "coup de grace", to eliminate the opponent's last crew member.
I decided to add the Vindicator in the BG along with another crew member since Hayes wasn't the only member on that station, just the only one on the viewer, heh.

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