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Chenjesu, Sketch



Clipped from the StarControl Database.

The Chenjesu are the most potent of the Alliance races. Crystalline in substance, existing on electric energy, they control both electrical and crystalline life forms. The Chenjesu is a philospher-race; their highest achievement is "The Book of Bzzbezzu Kzaaz," no better than a fourth-eon Ur-Quan Quardmaster's ruminations. The Chenjesu operate a marginal defense establishment by Ur-Quan standards. In Alliance terms, the crystal-producing creatures are wizards, their Broodhome warship the proof of an advanced society.

Summary: A race of rudimentary accomplishments, by the standards of Ur-Quan society. Still, Chenjesu Broodhomes may pose some threat to lesser hierarchy vessels.
There wasn't alot to work with for reference materials so i hope you like my version of the Chenjesu

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