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Hey all! 

I am trying to get to the Illuxcon convention this year, but I need new tires on my car within the next week or so in order to make it...

So I'm offering something I haven't in a long time- hybrid commissions! These commissions I'd gotten a few years ago are still some of my fav that I received ever. They're so much fun that I decided to offer them again :) (Smile) I may even include some in my comic, The Golden Troupe!

How to Get Your Commission:
1. Comment here or email me ( with your 2-3 animals you'd like turned into a hybrid 
2. I will confirm 
3. Submit payment (Paypal:
4. Then I will get started! 

You will then receive your hybrid as a desktop wallpaper that you can enjoy every day :) (Smile)

With your support and a little creativity, each one will get me a little closer to making my goal of getting to the convention <3 I'd been planning all year and of course this expense comes up in the last minute! 

Thank you all for your support and help!

You can see examples of the commissions here: 
<da:thumb id="766043469"/>
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September 29, 2018


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