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December 15, 2012
Hognose Snake Caricature by ~charreed
Featured by RezaBisuto
Suggested by Astralseed
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Hognose Snake Caricature

This little guy is an albino hognose snake. I do all sorts of pet portraits- not just cats and dogs!

[EDIT]: Wow! Thanks for the DD! If you'd like to see more of my work, you can check out my site, [link]
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MiidnightForest's avatar
Can you do a merauke blue tongue skink? I just love your work!
CharReed's avatar
Oh thanks so much! This one was a commission, that's the most surefire way I'll do something that you want me to :) Otherwise, I am trying to develop a generic breed/species list, so I can add it on there to the "some day" critters I'd like to draw!
MiidnightForest's avatar
Oh my gosh I love it! Hognose snakes are the best!
CharReed's avatar
DracoPhobos's avatar
awwww that's just so cute^^ late congrats on the DD;p
CharReed's avatar
Haha, thanks! :D
CharReed's avatar
verticalcity's avatar
This guy is adorable! I love the texture of the scales!
CharReed's avatar
Oh thanks! Glad you like the scales, there were a lot of them! :)
CrazyViper's avatar
Omg to F***ING cute!!!
SpiderMilkshake's avatar
This is... CUTE and PERFECT!!! :love:
CharReed's avatar
LandGart's avatar
WOW...this is awesome! I've never seen such a great depiction of a hognose before. It's like charicature but accurate enough to tell exactly what it is!
CharReed's avatar
That was one of my main concerns while working on the portrait, for it to look and emulate the hognose while still having the interest and expressiveness of a caricature!

I'm so happy to hear you think it reads really well as a hognose.
monkfishlover's avatar
I love hognose snakes! :la:
CharReed's avatar
Go hognose fans! I love how they're coming... out of the woodwork (pun included!) ;D
Nixxtor's avatar
very nice pic
CharReed's avatar
PurpleChaos's avatar
HAHAHAHAH! HE looks so mischievous!
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