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Hello to anybody reading this, I hope you're all doing well despite the circumstances!

I haven't posted any art in 2 years, and I realized that I also haven't posted a journal in almost 5 years. That's way too long, especially since I check my notifications at least once a week!

Given that a bunch of people are leaving because of Eclipse, I thought I'd post my social media just like everybody else! I'll still hang around here, but just in case anybody wants to keep up with me here are some links:

YouTube: (I upload Pokemon card videos here every Friday, and sometimes Tuesdays too!)

Twitter: (I read Twitter every day, but I rarely tweet woops)

Art Twitter: (I did one of those draw a Pokemon every day challenges here, but I stopped at Bayleef. Maybe I'll come back some day?)

Instagram: (same deal as Twitter)

Mutuals, feel free to message me for my Discord user too!

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