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Scyther Ready for Battle - Pokemon Sculpture

OH BOY this Scyther was quite the hard Pokemon to make! He fell apart many times, the pose was difficult to maintain, and the scythes were giving me problems. But in the end, he was finished and I think he looks awesome!

I made this sculpture for somebody on YouTube who did something really awesome for me, and I figured I'd send a thank you gift in return of his favorite Pokemon! My favorite part of this sculpture is the pose itself. It's super dynamic and I haven't done enough work like that!

If you like how this Scyther came out, please feel free to check out my commission info here!

This sculpture is about 4 inches tall, and made with 100% Sculpey III clay.

Scyther (c) Pokemon/Nintendo/GameFreak
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Oh man, I'm so glad to see you're still sculpting! :D I wasn't sure if you were doing it much anymore, but this looks so great. Scyther seems like a super tricky Pokemon to do with all the joints and stuff, but I think you did it well haha. And the more dynamic pose is super cool!
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I definitely try to sculpt when I can, especially for gifts! :D
Thank you so much, man! I really appreciate your kind words! <3
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Sculpting is honestly a really cool art skill to have. In my experience it's one of the rarer ones? Like, seriously, I can draw but I'd have noooo idea where to even begin in regards to sculpting OMG

Anyway, no problem! Do you ever take commissions for sculptures anymore? HINT HINT EYEBROW WAGGLE
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I can certainly take commissions! C: I have a working oven again so yay!
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Ooooooh I'd love to get some of my newer Pokemon favorites done. *w* There's been a LOT of shuffling around OMG

ALSO MEGA CHARIZAAARD, the one you did before of my Charizard character was actually my absolute favorite. ;w;
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Ooh I'd definitely like to know what all of your newer favorites are! C: I think you mentioned Salazzle before?
YESSS I still need to sculpt a Mega Charizard oh man
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Yep! Salazzle is one of my absolute favorites now, the shiny especially! I have a rough list of favorites here (on a Tumblr I meant to use as a Pokémon blog and then never touched oops), but AAAAA IT'S SO HARD TO RANK FAVORITES AFTER THE FIRST FIFTEEN OR SO. ;~;

What about you? Still the same-ish? ;w;

And aaaaa I'd love to commission a little sculpture of Firehazard as the Y mega! He's the Charizard character you did before. |D
CharredPinappleTart's avatar
Ooh awesome! C: You like a whole bunch of shiny ones!

Yeah, my favorites are the same! Though additions from 7th gen include Litten, Salandit, Charjabug, Silvally, Turtonator, and Kommo-o! <3

I'd totally be down for that! :D Just DM me on Twitter or send a Note here whenever you'd like to officially commission it!
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This is really good! Great job!
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You're very welcome!
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this looks perfect, wow !!!
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Thank you so much! <3
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