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Haxorus Chibi Sculpture

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This is a chibi Haxorus sculpture that I made as part of my Pokemon White team project!

I really enjoyed making this Haxorus, it was a great stress-relieving endeavor! <3

Part of my Pokemon White team:
Serperior: -Coming soon-
Zebstrika: [link]
Unfezant: -Coming soon-
Carracosta: -Coming soon-
Haxorus: Here!
Krookodile: -Coming soon-

Commission info here: [link]

NEW CHIBI POKEMON TEAM COMMISSIONS: Info for $16 pokemon team chibi commissions in my updated commission journal! <3

Haxorus (c) Pokemon/ Nintendo/ GameFreak

Materials used:
Red and spring green Sculpey III Clay
Acrylic paints for grey and eyes
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Wow this is great! U like the exact same pokemon as I do because that teamate makeup is exactly the same as mine
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Haha really, that's awesome! I really love my team. <3 I need to finish this project!
And thanks! C:
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ur welcome:) cant wait to see it.
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One of my favourites from 5th gen, great job
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Haxorus is one of my favorites too! C: Thanks! <3
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No problem! I managed to hatch a shiny haxorus, he's my favourite one!
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Ooh wow, congrats on the shiny! C: It's been a while since I've done a shiny hunt myself haha. Do you hunt for them, or just wait for random encounters?
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That haxorus is the only one I've ever 'planned' to get. I got a Japanese ditto and bred Sawsbuck with it, and got a shiny deerling. After that I was all excited about the possibility of getting a shiny axew so I tried it and 6 eggs in I got one. But yeah, other than that my shinies have all come out of nowhere! Now I'm trying to resist listing all my shinies... I think I've blabbed on enough! :)
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Woa, that's really lucky even with the better chances in B/W haha. Congrats! C:
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that's very interesting...
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