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Chibi Litten Sculpture - Pokemon Sun and Moon

WOW it's been a while, hello everybody! I make my triumphant (?) return with a sculpture of Litten, the newly revealed Fire starter from Pokemon Sun and Moon! <3

I have been checking DA, but not posting because I've had some problems. First, I didn't have an oven for a while, which meant no sculpting, and second, I had no motivation to edit together pictures of sculptures I made before I lost my oven haha. 

In any case, here's this little fire cat! Here's hoping that it retains its quadruped design when it evolves haha. It was a lot of fun to make this one because I haven't sculpted in a long time! It feels good to be back at it C:

If you like how this Litten came out, please feel free to check out my commission info here!

This Litten was made with 100% Sculpey oven-bake clay.
Litten (c) Pokemon/Nintendo/GameFreak
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is this a cute kitty a plushes basicly a stuffed animal
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It's a sculpture made of clay! C:
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Drats I was thinking if it was a plushies I would want one