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Ice Cream Valentine

Valentines for the twins make a perfect excuse for an ice cream picnic!
Actually, ice cream sounds delish right about now La la la la

Make sure you have some ice cream today too, :iconwolfywolff:!
Hap-Hap-Happy Valentines! Pikachus nuzzles cheeks
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Oh my ffaseagwuwh CUTENESS OVERLOAD.
Look at all that colourful ice cream, such fun noms, such good noms.

This is such a cute picture -- I love the expressions~ :D And I love how Wolfy's face is full of that ice cream goodness. And the bandanas are both so great; hopefully they don't get too many ice creams stains on them, ahaha.

Only one question... what happened to my eyes? They have turned poop brown! :omfg:

But wow thanks, seeing this picture made my day, especially since I have so much homework to do tonight. ~ :') Makes me really want to draw more pictures of the twins since it's been a while since my last one. Thanks a lot for being such an awesome friend to me all these years. I'll certainly try to get myself some ice cream the next time I can! :XD:
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Thank you! Nawww, I don't think the bandanas will be as messy.. unless you know,
a certain growlithe uses it to wipe their face for burying it in ice cream! >w>

Ooooh! Sorry, they should be blue! I took the time to draw this when our internet connection
was out for a week because of a broken phone line, so it was drawn out of memory ^^;
I was gonna make it black at first, then hazel, but eventually just made it brown OwO

Oh~? I'm glad it did, then! Gotta finish up all them naasty homeworks!
Heheh, that'd be awesome! Or maybe, how 'bout a cameo on your comic?! O: (I read them btw x3; )

Thanks a lot for being an awesome friend too! Though we BOTH know you're more awesomer than me! *nudgenudge* 83
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Geebus, this is a long-awaited response. I could have sworn I already answered this comment... maybe not! O:

But don't worry about the eye colour at all~ I still enjoyed this picture so very much! It's making me want to draw more art of the twins, and I do have a specific picture in mind. The only thing better than one growlithe... is two growlithes, of course!

Naahh, how can one twin be better than the other? Our greatness is always equal, and that's what makes us twins! : > Thanks again for this picture, it's definitely probably one of my favourite ones you've drawn of the twins. :heart: