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The Wireways



a 2 hour paint I did over the course of the past couple of days. It was fun.

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Every now and then I come across a scene that has depicted its atmosphere so well I feel invited to step inside the artist's little world. This is certainly the case here.

The calm, teal lighting is, perhaps, the most striking. However, I think the perspective plays an important role. The dominant bright end does a great job grabbing the eye, letting the waterway guide the rest of the imagination into the scene. It's very effective.

I love the details that are included. The fisherman, the quiet silhouettes on the sidewalk and bridges, the calm breeze, all suggest a quiet serenity.

As powerful as the mood is, it can be difficult to do a careful study of the work without becoming distracted. However, as I gaze up and down the waterway, I am a little distracted by the doorways on the right. The perspectives do not seem to agree. Given the dominance of the waterway, the vanishing point appears clearly defined as slightly above the farthest silhouette. Some of the structures do not agree - and while most are not that far off - a couple suggest an odd depth or design. I'm focusing most of all on the right doorway that is furthest from the viewer.

There are also a few lights that look like simple red dots.

Of course, these are very minor points. If I sound nit-picky, it is only because the image itself is so effective at drawing my imagination into it as to invite a careful look.