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Starcraft Zerg Hydralisk

By Charochai
Starcraft fanart
Zerg Hydralick

Almost 8 years already. I remember the first play Starcraft. At that time I didn't have my own PC yet. But I really like this game because of the design of the character and game really awesome at that time. [even my english so bad]. I would like to draw some of art of character unit but my drawing skill really poor

At this moment the Starcraft 2 released but I can't play it because my PC isn't strong enough to play. So I back to play original starcraft plus expansion Blood war and it still a good game after all. However, first Sratcraft still awesome for me.

If you like this image.
Feel free to leave the comments.

Tools; Bamboo, Photoshop, Sai

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Awesome! Nice job!
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you gonna get rushed
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We are Nature's Darkest side
We are the true Demons of Space
We are Corruption incarnate
We live for war
We Conquer, Slaughter and infest
We are the Zerg!
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wtf 1,425 views and only one 'love' ? What's wrong with you people?! This is awesome!
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Thank you, I would like to know the answer also. :D
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Awesome work =3
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my favourite unit to use in zerg!
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they are dangerously useful
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This one is really cool too. Excellent job. :D Much like you I haven't been able to play StarCraft 2 yet. My computer is not strong enough either, but the first StarCraft is still great yes.
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Wow! That's to cool! I love the detail on all the scales! :D
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You're welcome! :D
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I used to play Starcraft too. I suck at it now but I still have the game installed...will get back to it some day.
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I do not play well with starcraft also.
However, I am starting to play it at this time.
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I thought its DEAT METAL :iconskullplz:
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