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Unbreakable prompt 1# :iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 3 2
                            Kaede prodded the vegetables in the pot hanging over the fire. A dark scowl saved for her enemies, mothers who wore a pound of powder on their face, and groundings. Of late, she had the grounding scowl more than anything.
                            So the fact the vegetables had taken her mind off half her house being knocked over was a huge shift in attitude, “cook damn you.” She cursed the vegetables. “You cook just fine when Kaya does it, so cook now.” Without even looking she reached behind her and felt a familiar wooden stick drawing it into the open to the sharp blade of her kama gleamed in the sunlight, the window propped open by a wooden stick and
:iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 3 1
In the cicada's cry
No sign can foretell
How soon it must die.
- Bashō
A deep sigh forced itself through Usagi's' lips, his brains desperate attempt to get oxygen into his lungs ; a combination of stress and lack of sleep would do that to anyone though. But he could blame the gentle trickle of night spring rain outside to cause his eyelids to weigh heavily and the soft chair he currently sat in. Usagi's' head falling back to rest on the back of the chair when a small whine reached his ears, jerking him right back into a sitting position before his memory returned and he looked to the charge in the crook of his elbow.
Even though the little baby had only been born two weeks ago, Usagi could easily say there wasn't a cuter baby turtle in all the worlds (equal to his twin brother currently in Leos' care). Swaddled in orange blanket and sleeping soundly with his face resting against the soft fur of his bare forearm. Usagi moved his heavy body back to sit on the edge of his chair. T
:iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 9 4
Wishes don't come true by CharmyGirl5 Wishes don't come true :iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 5 14
Comfort And Joy
Leo Usagi Donnie brotherly fic
In the late 1800's, Leo just got back from his tour across the world for three years with his brother Usagi intime for Christmas. Now he has to adapt to the role he missed more then anything
A/n i think i'm gettign addicted to A-U's, cause this is a all new one just a christmas fic. Its based on this other idea i had abotu New Zealand in teh 1800's after the end of the Civil War.
also Usagi deserves WAY more attention then he's gotten so far
my gawd
i think i'm becoming a A-U monster
Leo dipped the pen back into the dark ink. The tip scratching over his parchment, one of the endless documents he had been assigned to fill out. Words coming together to form a boring but rather well put letter to the Governor. Telling of his various acquisitions and travels. His free hand releasing his empty mug to roll over his scalp and touch the knot of his mask. He could remember the looks he had gotten from the various people he had met, but eventually their eyes would
:iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 0 4
Warmth of Family
Don+ brotherly fluff.
Christmas Special!
A chill went over his arms. Don put his hands over them in a mild attempt to appease the cold air. It was a personal rule of his, when it was only him in the Lair he didn't' turn the heat on. The only electronic thing alive at the moment was the radio on his desk, set at the lowest volume and pushing out static Christmas music, but it was powered by battery rather then by outlet. The energy was far too valuable to use on one turtle.
One single turtle
Raph was out again, despite their sensei's warnings, their sensei was drinking tea with April ( Splinter had invited him along, but Donnie had a shift he couldn't avoid) and Mikey was out with some other "Entertainment Industry" co-workers. So it wasn't' like he was abandoned.
But it sure felt that way.
It added every time that Splinter would walk by, a sympathetic glance, Donnie knew there was disappointment in that action. Almost a apology for the position he had been put under .The
:iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 8 21
Female Uniform Splinters Dojo contest! by CharmyGirl5 Female Uniform Splinters Dojo contest! :iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 1 1
Unbreakable Chapter 2
Chapter 2
The Lost Ninja
Mikey always knew about being a social kame, even with the villagers calling him stuff like “weirdo”. He didn’t’ care, he had fun. And that was one of the  reasons he loved the nun chucks so much. They were wild.
Like him.
Despite all that, he knew that practicing nun chucks in the village upset the others and the whispers of ‘ninja’ would start up again. The last thing he wanted to do was make his brother upset. Even though Leo never saw it, He would protect him as much as his big brother protected him if he could. So that’s why, when he practiced, he’d pack a bag and travel a little bit outside the village to a spot that Leo had pre approved. It was just out back, next to the river ( a constant source of the fishermen who stopped by)and close enough that Leo could check up on him whenever he wanted (which was quite often)
Mikey caught the swinging chokun-bo under his armpit. With a satisfied grin he release
:iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 5 4
TMNT fanfic Unbreakable Chapter 1
Chapter 1 Lost Kame
The way of the sword.
An unforgiving blade.
Life and death,
This is his way
For as long as Leonardo could remember, this phrase stuck into the back of his mind like a primal instinct. To him, it was as simple as blinking or breathing. Much like the constant pressure of the swords on his back. They had always been with him. Even on that day.
THAT day
Despite the fact he was quite young when it happened, it stuck with him for years. The weight of a baby on his back, a pair of large swords (even longer then his whole body) being drug behind him. His head was pulsing in pain, scrambling his senses. And his throat was dry and heavy, but that could describe everything in general. But the heaviest burden was the weight on his back, a baby kame with orange wrappings. It was the most valuable weight, and he had to get the baby somewhere safe.
He didn’t know where he was going (he wasn’t even aware of the twigs sticking at his bare feet) he knew he had to LEAVE. H
:iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 6 13
Jinora Motivational Poster by CharmyGirl5 Jinora Motivational Poster :iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 101 37 Lin Motivational Poster by CharmyGirl5 Lin Motivational Poster :iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 78 72 Serina Under the Sea by CharmyGirl5 Serina Under the Sea :iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 2 0 Happy Birthday Swirly! by CharmyGirl5 Happy Birthday Swirly! :iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 0 0 Miranda's Big move part 4 by CharmyGirl5 Miranda's Big move part 4 :iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 1 0 Mandi's Big Move part 3 by CharmyGirl5 Mandi's Big Move part 3 :iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 2 0 Mandis' Big Move 2 by CharmyGirl5 Mandis' Big Move 2 :iconcharmygirl5:CharmyGirl5 2 2


Pearl by BlubberBunny Pearl :iconblubberbunny:BlubberBunny 96 10 V.E.N.O.M by PioPauloSantana V.E.N.O.M :iconpiopaulosantana:PioPauloSantana 28 2 Sunshine by WinterHeath Sunshine :iconwinterheath:WinterHeath 99 18 Aces Wild - 32 - 'Normal' by SallyVinter Aces Wild - 32 - 'Normal' :iconsallyvinter:SallyVinter 47 12 LoZ: Mask pt 3 (end) by 10yrsy LoZ: Mask pt 3 (end) :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 82 36 LoZ: Mask pt 2 by 10yrsy LoZ: Mask pt 2 :icon10yrsy:10yrsy 68 12 Featured Seedrian - Treena by angry-aries Featured Seedrian - Treena :iconangry-aries:angry-aries 45 10




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Ok so I just watched Yojimbo. I'm not going to get into it until all the Usagi episdoees are out But I just want to say this

The opening sequence? MAGIC

Usagis' voice acting? oooooooooohhhh my yes

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