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Hi everyone! Doing RLC Commissions to fund my future MapleStory 2 addiction haha! 


□ Must have some sort of photo reference for any character commissioned. 
□ I reserve the right to refuse any request.
□ I reserve the right to post the art to any of my accounts, unless otherwise requested. You may use the art for personal use only. Commissioned art is not to be sold or otherwise profited from. You are free to repost to any site you wish as long as credit is given back to me (*see below for crediting details). I retain copyright of the original Art, you retain all rights to any original character you own. 
□ After accepting a commission, I will complete your piece and send it to you with a watermark for approval. If approved, the price must be paid in full via Paypal Invoice before I send you the unmarked finished art.
□ No refunds after completion. 
□ Will not draw:
  -Ugly / Weird
  -Anthro (Ears/Tails/Wings/ETC. are OK)
□ No Hate Speech, symbols, or otherwise discriminatory depictions.  

Head Shot, Full Color

1. Open
2. Open

Order by either sending me a note here or by emailing me at, and please use the form below to submit a request:

Name: (Something to refer to you as.) 
Reference(s): (Links or reasonably sized images preferred)
Details: (Details about your characters personality, facial expression, any details you want me to specifically include.)
Extra: (Whatever here really.)
Paypal Email: ( The email you will use for payment.)

Thank You!

GaiaOnline: CharmingBerry
MapleStory 2: CeciliaLynne / CharmyBerry (NA East)


United States


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