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hmmm if there's not one already can i make a discord server for the Charmie's?  oh ya and can i make a plushie of one irl?
Hey what if I give charmies out for free? Cuz I don't like to actually sell stuff just checking if that's alright with you :)
Hello! I'm new just wondering if im allowed to make a charmie fursuit partial of my charmie fursona (this means only some charms will show up eg the tail wings and horns, NOT the legs sadly -  just trying to make that clear I will try my best to make a fullsuit one day but I need to figure that out as that would be very complicated lol.) I will give credit and everything :) Thank you for your consideration 
Hi! Absolutely feel free to make a fursuit of your Charmie character - they're free to use however you wish, I'd love to see how you make one.
these are so cute i just gotta make one <3
Charmies r so cool! I was just wondering, has anyone actually bought/commissioned/made a charmie irl? If some1 has, i'd love to see, they'd look so cool!
Am I allowed to make a Charmie version of an oc I already have? And also does it have to be Anthro or can it just be feral?