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Welcome to Charmies Central!

Charmies are an open species created by Dracononite!

Hi, I'm Lemonade, the mascot of Charmies!

CharmiesMasterlist is the moderating account for Charmie Central. Please DM that account or this group for Charmie-related business!


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💙 Questions? Visit the Q&A 💙

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We all work on the species for free, so any donations are very appreciated and help us keep moderating and making the species fun for you all! Click above for a list of our ko-fis and paypals

Charmies were originally created by an autistic and ADHD person who modeled after comfort objects and stim toys for neurodivergent and autistic people. It is encouraged to enjoy Charmies as comfort characters and positive stimmy / sensory characters. Anyone can own one!

The concept of putting objects into characters isn't a new one, nor one that Charmies are trying to copyright! Coincidental similarities to Charmies in character designs that don't belong to the species are understood and inspiration may be taken from the species concept.

💕 credits
Animated Rainbow Star Divider by Gasara
all other art by Dracononite


Hi all! Thanks so much for your patience while we worked on this big update. We hope you all had a happy Halloween, and will go on to have some very happy holidays these next couple of months! Now, on to the main attraction...

⭐ Welcome... to the official re-launch of Charmies! ⭐ After a long time discussing and considering Charmies as a species, the mod team has agreed that we'd like to make the species completely open!

This is a very exciting announcement, but it's a big change, so here are some reasons we have for re-launching the species like this:
  • Moderating MYOs and the masterlist has become overwhelming with our small mod team
  • We want to shift our focus entirely to making adopts, holding fun events, and designing more prizes for you all to earn
  • We want the groups to be more active, and see more fun Charmie designs
  • Many closed species get a bad reputation for making immoral financial decisions or being exclusive clubs, and we don't want that to happen

Please visit the Rules & Guidelines for the full extent of updated rules. The species Q&A has also been updated to reflect the relaunch!


What does this mean for the species, MYOs, and adoptables?

Charmies are now completely free for anyone to make, whenever they'd like! You do not have to be a part of the Toyhouse world or Deviantart group to own a Charmie. Other than that, you are free to create Charmie characters for yourself and friends as gifts or trades! We know that a lot of you have been eagerly awaiting a new MYO opening and have held back your Charmie designs, so let the floodgates open wide!
You may still sell, trade, and gift Charmies at your discretion. You may also still create merchandise of your Charmie characters if you wish!
The only exception to making Charmies is that we'd like to enforce adoptables and custom Charmies as a moderator and guest artist privilege.
The status of open species also means that the traits of Charmies are no longer restricted, other than some required features. Here is a list of the trait changes that are coming along with the relaunch:
  • There are no more categories or limits on the amount of deco (items) you can put in your Charmie! There are of course restrictions on what you can put inside of a Charmie, such as realistic gore or anything that goes against our Rules & Guidelines.
  • A Charmie can be anthro, quad, centaur, mermaid, whatever! They are not required to have an anthro form, and can switch between multiple forms at will if desired, as long as they have a Charm that lets them transform and do magic!
  • Charmies can be designed as alternate forms to an existing character, and can have alternate palettes, charms, deco items, etc
  • A Charmie's Charm (if they have one - it's optional) may be anywhere on the body as long as it's a distinct item or addition to the design and not a marking. These are still commonly on the chest or end of the tail, but now they can be in the tummy, on the forehead, worn as an accessory, etc!
  • Large cheek markings are still the only required marking for a Charmie to have. These can be any shape and color as long as they are defined and identifiable!
Visit the updated About The Species for more information! A new species sheet is on the way for a more informative layout with visual examples. Until then, please refer to the old species sheet and existing Charmie designs as a visual guide!

What does this update mean for the masterlist?

In a few weeks' time, we will be deleting all Charmie masterlist entries that have been submitted to the masterlist account.
The mod accounts will remain for moderation purposes! The DeviantArt moderation account will continue to be an archive of stickers and badges. Traitlists featured on all masterlist entries are now defunct, however if you'd like to check recorded information, download files, or see what stickers and badges your Charmie has earned, you can do so by visiting your Charmies' masterlist entries.

What about stickers, badges, and group events?

We'd love to continue designing and offering stickers and badges as rewards for events, community milestones and completing art prompts! The showcases for these designs will remain for members to browse and see what ones they can earn (or have earned) to display on their Charmies' profiles or on their Charmies as accessories. It's not necessary to retain a showcase of what stickers and badges your Charmie has earned, however it is a fun little thing that encourages more art of Charmies and interaction within the community!
There will be plenty of events and art prompts in the future, especially now that we will have much more time focusing on fun stuff rather than moderating a masterlist and MYO openings. Be aware that the moderators for the species are all busy people with lives, so whatever events we do come up with will be smaller and simply for fun!

Thank you all so much for the support you've given Charmies as a species. I hope this re-launch will let everyone focus on Charmies as a fun species and safe groups first and foremost, with lots of freedom and joy to be had with all the character possibilities. Enjoy!

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InkyPrinceRick Featured By Owner Dec 24, 2021  Student Digital Artist
are customs open? :0
The-Dragolotl Featured By Owner Oct 12, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Hi everyone! If you are interesed in have a Charmie, i'm trading mine
More info here:…
Yoku-bo Featured By Owner Sep 2, 2021
Is there gonna be a Myo event or gacha anytime soon?
CharmiesMasterlist Featured By Owner Sep 4, 2021
We're currently planning a change to MYO openings, and do not have a set date yet! There will be more MYO opportunities soon though.
floofyboi23 Featured By Owner Aug 23, 2021  Student General Artist
this community is so cute and sweet, ive already been daydreaming up some characters :] i cant explain how comforting this species is for me, thank you! 
AmyBracho Featured By Owner Jul 26, 2021  Hobbyist Digital Artist
When is there going to be another MYO event? I really want to submit mine
CharmiesMasterlist Featured By Owner Jul 31, 2021
We are planning another MYO event to happen soon! Unfortunately we do not have a certain date at the moment.
hybeana Featured By Owner May 7, 2021   Digital Artist
Howdy! I saw somewhere that we are allowed to prepare designs for charmies in advance (outside of MYO periods), just as long as we don't make other art of them in case changes are needed. Are there any limitations on sharing these designs? Can they be posted, or can I share them privately with my friends? I was just wondering, as I'd like to respect Dracononite's wishes. <3
Dracononite Featured By Owner May 7, 2021  Professional Digital Artist
You can definitely share them among friends and whatnot! It's advisable you not share them on social medias in case of others mistaking that MYOs are open when they're not.
hybeana Featured By Owner May 7, 2021   Digital Artist
That makes sense! I won't post anything publicly, then.
Oh! And thanks for the timely reply. I know you guys are probably busy. :)
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