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Free use: Rainbow / convergence sphere

Hi guys! I didn't upload anything for a while, but I was working on a birthday present for =Alyssa-Alex, but I won't upload that before friday (her birthday) :D
But I made this for you guys. First I wanted it to be an adoptable, but I noticed sphere adoptables don't sell very well. So you can use this for free! But you have to credit me if you do.
I think it'll work the best as a rainbow sphere or a convergence betheen multiple fairies. I hope you like it!

P.S.: I'm sorry for the bad quality :$ You can make it smaller to make it look better :D
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Thanks, I used your picture for my blog. Only, I modified it a bit. 
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How would I put it in a picture and shrink it down with MS paint?I would like to know for a pic I'm doing.
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Are you still doing it? Because if you are I could help you with that. 
1) First you make sure that both the picture and the sphere is in transparency. (Both have to be on different windows of MS Paint)
2) Cope and paste the sphere onto the picture where you want it to be.
3) Shrink it down to size using the thingies (Idk what their called XD) 

Hope that helped! :)
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Can I use this in your Contest? >_>
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Nvm, I'll use it despite what you say, xD 
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Sure :) It's free for everyone!! But please credit me :)
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Can you make more of these?
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I don't know... Maybe not for free. But I sell some here: [link]
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You're welcome! Please send me a link when you used it! I would love to see it!
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dont listen to that message you just got from me. My brother just watched a dirty film and he typed it onto my computer sorry :iconforgivemeplz:
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ok thankies :iconsnogplz:
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