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  • Oct 29, 1996
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Hello, everyone! My name's CharlyDasher. I am a writer with big ambitions for the future who also likes playing computer games, listening to music and fooling around in Garry's Mod a lot.

Well, let me tell you a few words about myself.

My favourite cartoon series are My Little Pony, All dogs go to heaven and Tutenstein. I'm also a gamer and I really love games of GTA, Portal and Half-Life series. I also like Bioshock Infinite. And Team Fortress 2! (How about playing together one day?)

My current biggest projects (fanfics) are "Aperture S. – Rattmann’s memoirs", "Johnson Innovators" (both related to the video game Portal 2) and "Radioactivity" (a big pony fanfic which is planned to be a long, great (and of course incredibly interesting!) postapocalyptical novel, that won’t be worse than famous Fallout: Equestria! At least I hope it won’t be…

I also have an OC. His name is Golden Sky. He’s a pegasus with a golden body, and red (with a black stripe) mane and tail. His eyes’ color is crimson and his cutiemark is a scroll with a quill. The second OC is Golden Bullet who basically is Sky's R63 version but a cutiemark (three golden bullets, pretty obvious, isn't it?). Much more bold, naughty and vulgar (close to Rainbow Dash) due to most of her life spent in FoE postapocalyptic universe. OCs' origin is unknown but it has something to do with the Lutece twins))

Avatar was made by :iconmourning-dreams: and can be found here:…

Also I do have a Discord server: Feel free to join it if you wanna! ^3^

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Favourite Movies
The Fifth Element, BTTF 2, Who Framed Roger Rabbit, MLP:FiM, Taxi (2,4), 1408, All Dogs Go To Heaven (2, series), The 10th Kingdom
Favourite TV Shows
Mythbusters, Brainiacs
Favourite Books
Fallout: Equestria
Favourite Writers
Favourite Games
Portal 1,2, Prelude, Stories:Mel + some other mods, Half-Life (all parts), Garry's Mod, Team Fortress 2, GTA Vice City, SCP: Containment Breach, Bioshock (Infinite, Burial At Sea Ep. 1-2)
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you have very nice works ~
Oh, many thanks if you really think so! ^^
...Happy Birthday!!!
С днем рождения! Sapphire dance icon birthday cake Birthday Sis Fox emoji - birthday 
Большое спасибо! ^~^
Пожалуйста Sapphire Smile icon