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God bless you OCRemix.

Seriously, of all the games they could've done I wasn't counting on these for a looong time. But I suppose good things come to those who are screwed over. (*coughdawnofnewworld*)

Enjoy everyone, their remixes for Final Fantasy, Zelda and Sonic are not taken lightly and neither should these be. :P

No I kid you not, this is the best version of it I've ever heard.


1. Most mornings I wake up and have checked my dA messages within an hour.
--> ...Well I'm Bored.
2. I check my dA messages at school/work.
--> Used to, don't anymore.
3. I have more friends on dA than in real life.
--> No I don't.
4. I talk to my friends on dA more than I talk to my real life friends.
5. I sometimes go by my dA name in public.
--> It'd be weird if I didn't frankly. But no most people call me Charli. Yelling; "HAY! CHARLOTTETURNER. YAR YOU BITCH!" All the time, would be a bit odd.
6. I’ve signed something with my dA screen name… in real life.
-->Its my name. This shouldn't count.
7. If dA goes down and I can’t check the latest deviations or my messages, I panic.
--> ...No...I bugger off to the Escapist or WoW. :P
8. I wanted to buy a print off dA.
--> Many a time
9. I have gotten at least one print off dA.
--> Nope. DA doesnt like what cards I use.
10. I’ve taken my computer into the bathroom while surfing dA.
--> Ewww no.
11. I’ve uploaded deviations just to get comments on them.
--> Theres another point to this site? o_O Yeah I'm fishing for opinion jeez. Who ISN'T!?
12. I’ve commented on deviations just to start conversations with other deviants.
--> Well sure, I'm sure Char and a few others get bored of me saying "Omgzors this iz teh awsummmz!11" a hundred different ways
13. I know the real life names and addresses of at least two of my dA friends.
--> Errrrmno... Names yeah, not addresses.
14. A number of my dA friends can talk to me outside of dA via an instant message program.
--> Yes of course. I welcome anyone who wishes to as well =)
15. Many of my dA friends follow me to other sites (such as facebook or myspace).
--> DA IS my site. And no they don't. I don't encourage that kind of Sheep-Flock mentality.
16. I sometimes tell stupid, inane facts in my journal just to get comments.
--> Errrm no, the journal is for my own personal venting, don't wanna read it? I don't caaaaaaaare.
17. I have a carefully crafted signature.
--> I does. I'm attempting to trick males onto my page since I know my work is mainly female 'squee' type rubbish.
18. My signature contains links to my favorite deviations.
--> No
19. I have favorited hundreds of deviations in the past few months.
--> Nope, faving is rare from me. I add Lloyd piccars to a 'collection' folder. But not favs.
20. I know how to send messages using only dA emoticons and : icons :.
--> ...I shall not dignify this with an answer
21. I carefully study my pageview data to see how I can get more people to view me each day.
--> Eww vain do you think I am?
22. I have a dA subscription.
--> Char ilu. <3
23. I have modified my userpage with CSS or some sort of graphics.
--> Indeedorz I have. I mean It was a lovely gift, so Im gonna use it to it's fullest!
24. I’ve gotten into a fight with another deviant and caused some serious dArama.
--> HAR no.
25. I did this quiz.

Score: 12*4 = 48%

Okay so not much of a DAwhore. Good.

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christ i did lol.

i check all my messages when i wake up, cause my computer is like ... right there. i can reach the on button from my bed.