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more condolence cards on…
Today I’ve visited the place where the donations for refugees are being processed in  Hamburg (the Hamburg fair company allowed the volunteers the use of one of their fair buildings). The sheer amount of clothes, blankets & pillows, hygienic produc ...
Devious Journal Entry
I've recently done some backgrounds for a gore-themed visual novel. The background illustration you can see above is actually the most bloody piece. The rest is admittedly safe:


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roundtower| Traditional Artist
winter trees by VDragosPhotography Merry christmas everybody :merry christmas: Pink Pastel Christmas Tree Dark Christmas Tree v.2 Dark Christmas Tree v.1 Christmas Tree :merry christmas: 
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Welcome to the :icongardenofbeauty: !


Our rules:
Bullet; Pink you can submit two deviations per week
Bullet; Pink Try not to submit several photos that look very similar to each other
Bullet; Pink the main subject must be a flower or a plant
Bullet; Pink also insects and birds on flowers are accepted
Bullet; Pink submit your prettiest work
Bullet; Pink don't submit several similar photos of the same subject
Bullet; Pink a good focus, colour, contrast and composition on photo
Bullet; Pink please, no big dA watermarks or other large watermarks
If a DA watermark is being added to the picture later and the admins find such a photo, the photo wll be removed from the group.
Bullet; Pink your own signature IS allowed
Bullet; Pink be kind to everyone and enjoy the beauty of flora!
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DawidZdobylak|Professional Traditional Artist
thanks:) (Smile)
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:squee: :squee: :headbang: :squee: :squee:

Thank you for the fine Camelidae

:llama: :llama: :llama: :llama: :llama:

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wcqaguxa|Hobbyist General Artist
Wow you are so prude it is unbelievable! Blocked me and say "don't feel disappointed"? I wasn't even impolite, just showing places where your group doesn't work... Is it becouse you want me only to praise you for doing anything at all in the group? You can block me also here and I don't care, just find your reason maybe, I'm done with the children you are xD
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CharlotteHintzmann|Professional General Artist
Hello Leksa,

we are several contributors in the group. I have only today reentered my administrative work as I have had a few really busy weeks and wasn't able to spare the necessary time for the group. Suffice to say that it wasn't I but another contributor who blocked you from the group. It is not a decision I whole-heartedly support as I feel every group member should have the right to voice criticism as well as praise. From the fact alone that you post this on my personal profile instead of posting it on the group profile, where it belongs (!) or simply sending a message to the group I feel I kind of understand what made my colleague go to such lengths. The "Please don't feel disappointed" only referred to the fact that we could not accept your submission on quality grounds. I understand if that rankled in combination with being blocked from the group but please consider it an unfortunate coincidence. The two are not connected.


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wcqaguxa|Hobbyist General Artist
I can't post it on the group, becouse I'm blocked. I would have done thar, sorry, I didn't have any other possibility
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