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The Hidden Mansion in London's Heart (Prose)
The Adventure of the Seventh Safeguard
~ Chapter 2 ~
The Hidden Mansion in London's Heart
It was in a strangely uncomfortable fashion that the young lady replied to my question; a pause, a nervous glance from my face to that of my friend, and a quiet: “Yes, they didn’t hit us.”
I wondered what it was that made her so nervous – surely she couldn’t suppose that she and her friends were in any danger from Sherlock Holmes and I. But only I nodded in response, and started towards the waitress, who lay in an undignified heap by the door where she had fallen.
“She’s not hurt.” said the girl, whose voice was clear and precise, but gentle.
Having not the faintest idea what they had used to knock her out however, I bent down to examine her anyway. True to the girl’s word, she could have been sleeping.
Behind me, Sherlock was addressing her: “I appreciate your attempt to shield us, young lady.” he said. “But you should have r
:iconcharlottarose:CharlottaRose 3 0
The Strange Case of Amelia Bones
Sherlock Holmes and the Adventure of the Seventh Safeguard
Chapter I ~ The Strange Case of Amelia Bones
I had never known my friend, Mr. Sherlock Holmes, to be as totally preoccupied with anything so deeply and for such a long time since the death of the late Professor Moriarty as he was over the course of the year preceding this narrative. And never, in all the years I had known him, had he been as recalcitrant in answering questions.
For some months, I had thought it was just the strange case of Ms. Bones which had absorbed him so thoroughly. Ms. Amelia Bones, a quiet middle aged lady living alone in London, had been found dead in her home. All the doors and windows had been locked from the inside and there was no evidence of a break-in, yet there were clear marks of a desperate struggle. Sherlock had originally scoffed at the sensational nature of the reports, and lost no time getting on the case himself. He told the police that the people they were looking for were fo
:iconcharlottarose:CharlottaRose 2 5
The Hidden Mansion in London's Heart by CharlottaRose The Hidden Mansion in London's Heart :iconcharlottarose:CharlottaRose 11 8 The Adventure of the Seventh Safeguard by CharlottaRose The Adventure of the Seventh Safeguard :iconcharlottarose:CharlottaRose 14 0 Close to Home by CharlottaRose Close to Home :iconcharlottarose:CharlottaRose 17 4
The Last Stand of Fai Dan
The mist clears away, all the camp now lies silent
The people hurln down, dust covered and bent.
No battlefield stranger have I ever seen.
For no other combatants have ever I been
So grieved by the silence. They lie as if dead.
I look down at my feet, at a young flaxen head
In whose soft features dull pain still is writ.
I turn swiftly away, our work must be quick.
Ere long the others who haunt the dark halls
And pester the Normandy will have been recalled.
By then we must be through and gone.
The way must be found, and then shut full strong.
A slab draws aside, a deep stair is revealed.
A gasp and groan falls sharp on my ears.
There stands Fai Dan. A gun in his hand
gaze appalled to look on the man.
His kindly face is a twisted mask
He’s bent like a lightening struck tree in a blast
His eyes are half-closed in a squint of pain
Yet he seems to see all and to see it again.
I have no grenades. A harsh blow might now kill him.
I seize my gun in the hope I can threaten.
I don’t
:iconcharlottarose:CharlottaRose 2 1
The Vault of Tomorrow by CharlottaRose The Vault of Tomorrow :iconcharlottarose:CharlottaRose 4 0 The Vulcan Pianist by CharlottaRose The Vulcan Pianist :iconcharlottarose:CharlottaRose 8 0 The End of the Log by CharlottaRose The End of the Log :iconcharlottarose:CharlottaRose 8 0
(New blog post here.  As an After-Berner for Trump, I have been very grieved to see how many of my fellows are terrified of threats I believe are unfounded.  And so I just wanted to share my thoughts on why things might not be so bad as CNN would have you believe.  Bless you all, and may the next four years go well.)


So, we have a new president. Donald J. Trump has taken the oath of office and and now holds the highest office in the land. A great many of us have greeted this event as a great victory for freedom. …. But many of us are yet wary. And some of us are terrified.
Well, I am all in favor of always maintaining a certain amount of wariness. Always keep your eyes open. But for those who watch this event in pure horror, I have a few words to say.
You can relax, Donald Trump is NOT a bigoted monster.
He really isn’t. I know they’ve screamed it at you all day long for months. But it is a lie, a bold-faced falsehood to manipulate you. I personally abhor racism. Early on in his campaign, when I was attending to the democratic nomination and catching only what was said about him (rather than listening to what he actually said), I believed him to be a monster as well. I was wrong. I was lied to. And when I investigated what he had actually said and done, the deception was revealed.
Donald Trump has not attacked racial minorities. He does not threaten women’s position in society. He has given the non-straight community to reason to fear. He does not promote religious persecution. He has not espoused hatred of foreigners. … Over the course of the year the major media institutions have taken things Trump has said, and by strained argument, perversion of facts, and sometimes whole-cloth invention, attributed monstrous meanings to him.
  • Donald Trump HAS pointed out the high level of criminal activity among people who enter the country illegally.

    • Their Story – Trump hates Mexicans.
There simply is a high level of crime among that demographic; that’s the statistics. That wasn’t about Latinos as a race. It wasn’t about Mexicans as a nationality. He didn’t even try and make out that all people who enter the country in a criminal fashion are bad people. (In fact, he made a point of saying the opposite.)  But factually speaking, the illegal traffic across the border does indeed bring crime and drugs into the states – that is well known. And yes, there is a disproportionate level of rape cases among people involved in the smuggling. These are simply facts. To try and swing a mere reporting of some unpleasant facts about a (relatively) small group of people (who happen to mostly be Latino) into an attack upon the entire Spanish-American race is a job so big, so far out, that I am genuinely impressed that they convinced so many people.
  • Donald Trump HAS has put emphasis on upholding the border laws.

    • Their Story – Trump hates immigrants and is starting an unprecedented border tyranny
No, there’s nothing unprecedented or hateful about it. .... Continue Reading~>


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Charlotte Ann Kent
United States
Hello Everyone! Thanks for visiting.

I do a little photography and I enjoy sharing screenshots (mostly Star Trek, some Mass Effect too). But I am really a writer. My main line of 'deviations' is an ongoing series of 'cantos' (chapters) from 'The Song of the Shepard', a really long Mass Effect poem - a record of the saga in verse.

I am currently posting it to my blog as well: Of Stars, and Ships, and Meadows Green

Follow Of Stars, and Ships, and Meadows Green on


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