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Contest Closed

My New Contest


Contest extended to july 15th




What do you have to do

Remake some of my works of your choice from my series, Vampires! with your creativity and imagination! You can change all the work, I want to see your version! it can be changed all the stock except the models! I'm really looking forward to seeing your versions!

Dracula, The Prince Of Darkness by CharllieeArts
Dracula by CharllieeArts The mother of vampires! by CharllieeArts Sweet vampire by CharllieeArts Give me your love,Dracula! by CharllieeArts Charlotte, the bloody countess! by CharllieeArts


Begin May 9th and ends June 30th

Your work has to be unique to this contest, it can not be submitted to other contests

To participate, You must be a part of the group:  :iconartscollections: 

Submit your entry…

One entry per person

To this contest only accept art manipulation

In your description put the contest link, my :iconcharllieearts: and the :iconartscollections:

This contest will only be valid with ten entries
Help me publicize this contest to be a great success

I hope to see beautiful entries here

All are welcome

Anyone who can donate for this contest I thank you for your generosity


Firts Place: 1,500 points
1 Month of Premium membership by: :iconandrei-oprinca: Founder of Website:

Second Place: 1,000 points

Third Place: 500 points

There will be four honorable mentions

To each: 70 points

All winners will receive an exclusive stock pack of:

For the first three winners an exclusive stock pack of:

:iconmr-ripley: :iconelandria:

To all winners llama of: :iconrocheleheart10:

To all winners a free abstract pet/ person portrait of: :iconlexiwolf333:

Donated points by:

100 points of: :iconsoulcolorsart:

150 points of: :icongwendolyn1:


Good Luck To All Participants

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July 21, 2018


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