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Facial Expressions Stock 1

Photographer/Model/Hair/MUA: NichelleJNolan (me)

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Bright-Eye's avatar
I used your stock to practice, I hope I credit you well Sweating a little... 
Awesome work, by the way
UndeadAugusto's avatar
Thank you !
This is so useful :D
charligal-stock's avatar
Eledhwen-Stock's avatar
Haha, excellent ! smurf la 
kaname-chan's avatar
Ridiculously beautiful and silly. A winning combination. ^_^ I've been thinking that I need to work on facial repressions. This will be helpful. :)
charligal-stock's avatar
Haha, ain't it always the way?! :P
kaname-chan's avatar
It seems like it. The timing works out well for me. Thank you, Niche. :hug:
body-electric's avatar
dArt  is too small for you. I want TV lol
charligal-stock's avatar
lol, the Nichelle Show?
body-electric's avatar
"Rollin With Nolan" !
xCha0tic1x's avatar
Wait... no Llama face 😯
charligal-stock's avatar
Well... you know...
katkatir's avatar
Thank you for helping me understand women.  Hahaha :P  Honestly, good job :)
charligal-stock's avatar
Haha, helping you understand women? Well glad I can help.
JohnRose-Illustrator's avatar
she's baaaack…

and pretty as ever…

charligal-stock's avatar
Oh my, aren't you a sweetheart!
Armondikov's avatar
I used these for reference here, thanks for the material!…
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