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Yay, I love how Tali looks officially, pretty close to what I was hoping for (and either way I'm happy). I need to a real fanart that will do her justice. I have some other stuff I need to finish up though.

Also, that ending was rough on me. I started doing a piece just to vent my displeasure of it. The rest of Mass Effect 3 is a pure gold though, amazing game.
I'm getting better at painting, I can feel it. Hopefully I'll have more time to do some awesome paintings and stuff.

Mass Effect 3 will be here soon! I'm willing to be it will supply more than enough inspiration for me to do a few fanarts. :D
Recently got an iPad 2, I've been trying to get better at painting. I went for a long time not really focusing on art in high school.
I've been really into Little Big Planet 2 over the past year. I've made a lot of great lvls.

I'm currently working on two more Mass Effect pictures. They're pretty cool. I'm excited for when I finally post them.