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I haven't been overly active around here lately. I've recently quit smoking. Oct 31st to be exact. I kinda sorta fell off the "wagon" yesterday, and smoked.....a few.....cigarettes. :noes:
I feel so damn guilty!! :facepalm:
Then again I could tell myself I've only had 3 smokes in 2 weeks, which isn't so bad for a person who smoked almost a pack a day for 20+ years! Kids.....say NO to tobacco!
Needless to say, they made me feel so sick, so I quickly hopped back up on that "wagon" :woohoo:
Notice my choice in journal skin? :shifty: Hehe.... But it is pretty. Well, I think so anyway. =)

Enough about my plight in life!

Let's move on to brighter, more beautiful & happy things! :meow:

I figured this go 'round, I would  share a little something from the deviants I currently have my eye on. (Hence the title :slow:)
Kudos to all of you for taking such amazing photographs! :love: Enjoy!

nickie by AACates King of the Jungle by Akino-Nanook Walking on the ladybugs carpet by Angie-Pictures Free by Bambi-Claire Vinca by FaerieBert :thumb263760087: :thumb81485936: Stare by CelticEarth One of my Bengals again by Chloe-Elizabeth44 LEWISHAM AT SUNSET by chrissyfromtassie Birds by Ciprian30 young goose vs daisy by cloe-may Sun Rise On The Lake by DakotaDay4125 Gone with the wind. by OliviaMichalski egret by dystraphi Concern of a Cat by elninja Loner by Ember-Lee Handsome boy by Enalla Dewrama by MarcosRodriguez SEE MY DOG SPOT... by goRillA-iNK Keep your head up by Healzo Miss sleeping by HoFattoSoloCosi Paula by hoschie Courage to Move the World by Identifyed-Khaos Hey? I'm looking fat from there?? by Lain-AwakeAtNight Silhouettes by IvanAndreevich :thumb255342886: Bee has flowers,  too by JosephThomas Pink fluff by Iulia-Oprinesc :thumb209866120: :thumb265086812: Let us tell you a story by MesmerizedByNature Autumn II by Misslulu07 Let's Have a Picnic by Mistshadow2k4 Donkey life by Mon-Etoile-Filante Wasp by photo67 A Pair of Red Robins by PictureByPali Twist and twirl by pqphotography Being a Mom by SalemCat Anybody There? by sara-nmt Big Ben by kinipelahh :thumb207064033: silence. by simoendli Dandy in Silver and Blue by SJohnstone :thumb173885958: Feel at home by sneekysneki Shiny Rose by SpikeTheRipper Great Blue Heron by Sunhillow :thumb253625035: Wild Baby Rabbit by PoppyHunter S C H N O B I by TheScottishPlaid Sunshine in a Drop by thrumyeye Sunset by timelygrace Yellow Autumn by CylindricalFawn A Little Further by Tyrant-ess Softly Dream by Vidamina Etta by KrisSimon

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Jenya88's avatar
Thank you for the feature! :wave: :blowkiss: :glomp:
charliesmyangel's avatar
You're welcome Jenya! :blowkiss:
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Quitting smoking sucks. I tried it a few times, the longest attempt was 3 months. I'm currently trying again, i hadn't smoked since November 7th and i'm starting to have a hard time especially because 80% of my colleagues at University smoke and all my friends do it too.
It's hard to give up this habit all at once, even for me (smoker for 6 years, 1/2 pack/day), but i it's for the best.

Good luck and resist the temptation!
charliesmyangel's avatar
Oiy....you have it worse off than I do. Best of luck to you!
This is my second serious attempt. The first only lasted 2 months. That was with the "patch" too.
We can do this!!!
Lintu47's avatar
This is my second serious attempt too.
Yes we can! We just have to find something that gets our mind off smoking! : )
charliesmyangel's avatar
Ugh.....tell me about it! Right now, Fisherman's friend lozenges are my friend! lol
Beautiful collection :love:
I am happy for you, for not smoking no more :D
charliesmyangel's avatar
Thank you very much! :hug:
It's been 3 weeks now.....8 days without any slip-ups! :w00t:
I am very happy for you, don't give up...you can do it :nod:
I will cheer you up :hug:
sneekysneki's avatar
:D teehee thank you!! :D
charliesmyangel's avatar
Sunhillow's avatar
thanks for the feature :iconiloveitplz:
charliesmyangel's avatar
Iulia-Oprinesc's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring my photo:iconcocoloveplz: Awesome journal:hooray:
charliesmyangel's avatar
You're most welcome, and thanks! :love:
silenttragedy37's avatar
thank you so much for featuring my photo ... wonderful journal!!! :hug:
charliesmyangel's avatar
Welcome! :aww: and thank you! :love:
Identifyed-Khaos's avatar
Thank you so much for featuring my photo, I am honored! :love::heart:
charliesmyangel's avatar
smola92's avatar
thank you so much for the feature! it means a lot for me;) I hope You'll quit smoke quickly :) Good luck and thank You once again :bow: :hug:
charliesmyangel's avatar
You're welcome, & thank you for the support!!!! :love:
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