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Zelda OoT - The greatest enemy...

Second small tribute to this great saga...
the favorite game of my childhood ... (Though it took me over a year to finish it, for not knowing English je,je,je...)

Un pequeño tributo a este grandioso juego.... Y no se que mas escribir (LOL)...
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Awesome job!  Smooth details, perfect lighting, nice placement and balance of smoke, clouds and lightning, and powerful expressions make this a grand retelling of the epic duel between Link and his shadow.
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...     Stunning!
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I....just....this is more than amazing. TuT It still is one of my favorite games so seeing this is awesome.
PocketMonsterLover86's avatar
my a god *not worthy*
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I see, the greatest enemy you'll ever face is yourself, just like how it does with Link and his dark shadow self fighting equally each other.
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Absolutely amazing… This captures the two so it!
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Wow! You should post the bigger image of this.
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ha ha ha .... thank you...I'll think.... Usually, my images are around 3800 pixels x 2800 pixels .... I like using them as poster sometimes je,Je.... :D
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Seriously, one of the best Link vs Dark Link artworks I've seen!
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hey thank you very much my friend....I appreciate the comment ...:D
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Hi, very sorry for my late reply!
You're very welcome! :D Your artwork blew me, I rarely see good Link and Dark Link artwork, too much yaoi fans out there doing too much LinkxDark Link also. ugghhhh... >~<
CharlieRomeo's avatar
upps....Sorry for the delay in response ...if the majority infested "Yaoi" ... Never mind. I will keep uploading more images, have if you do something je,je,je...
Thanks for your comment. :D (my English is bad)
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No worries. Look how late I am with replying you, very sorry about that!

Personally I can't stand Yaoi, and even less LinkxDark Link because the fact is that it would never work plus that I don't have any single idea where the first single thought and idea of that concept came from... I try to avoid it as much as I can, but it is a little hard when whenever you find an awesome artwork of Dark Link like your artwork, then the majority of the rest plus the "More like this" shows so much Yaoi shit. I just can't understand it....

Other, keep up the awesome work plus that you're very welcome! :D
And it's ok, I'm no native english speaker either, I'm swedish actually. ^^
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can i use this epic pic as my wallpaper?
CharlieRomeo's avatar
Je,je,je....Of course my friend :D, that is the ultimate purpose of their presentation on this page: D
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Wow. This is great. Love.
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Je,Je,je...:D Thank you for the comment..
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this is legen-wait for it-Dary
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thank you so much my friend :D
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This is so amazing! Very good and interesting work!
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sorry to late of my respond. thank you very much for you comment :D
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