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The Tsoi Wall

the black inscription on the left side from the above "СЛОВ НЕ НАДО!" means "we don't need words" (the best translation which I could make... but still it's not very good :) );
And the white inscription downthere on the right side "ЦОЙ ЖИВ, НАВСЕГДА", means "Tsoi is alive, FOREVER"


... visit this link to learn more about it [link]

but all the same, just a few facts about him and The Wall

Viktor Robertovich Tsoi (Russian: Виктор Робертович Цой;) (June 21, 1962 – August 15, 1990) was a famous Soviet artist and leader of the rock group Kino. Tsoi was born to a Korean father and Russian mother on June 21, 1962 in Leningrad, USSR (now St. Petersburg, Russia).

He is regarded as one of the pioneers of Russian rock and has a huge following in the countries of the former Soviet Union even today. Few musicians in the history of Russian music have been more popular or have had more impact on their genre than Victor Tsoi and his rock band Kino.

Tsoi contributed a plethora of musical and artistic works, including ten albums. He died in a car accident when he fell asleep while driving on August 15, 1990.


Death and Aftermath

Grave of Victor Tsoi

While in Latvia, on 14 August 1990, Tsoi finished recording the vocals for Kino's next album. He was supposed to travel back to Leningrad so that his band mates could record its musical score. Early in the morning of August 15, Victor Tsoi was killed when slammed into a bus outside Riga. The car was completely demolished to the point that one of its tires was never found. This happened on the way back from a fishing trip. Tsoi had wanted to take his son, Alexander (Sasha) with him on the trip, but fortunately, Sasha did not go. Tsoi was buried in a closed casket.

On August 17, "Komsomolskaya Pravda", one of the main Soviet newspapers, had the following to say about Tsoi and his meaning to the youth of the nation:

Tsoi means more to the young people of our nation than any politician, celebrity or writer. This is because Tsoi never lied and never sold out. He was and remains himself. It's impossible not to believe him... Tsoi is the only rocker who has no difference between his image and his real life, he lived the way he sang... Tsoi is the last hero of rock.

The tape which contained the only recording of Tsoi's vocals for the next album was recovered and the surviving members of "Kino" recorded the music to the album, which was christened Black Album (Russian: Чёрный альбом/Chorniy al'bom) as a sign of mourning for the fallen singer. The album became the band's most popular creation and solidified "Kino"'s place at the top of Russian rock's history and Victor Tsoi's as its greatest hero and legend.


Cultural significance

The Tsoi Wall in the Arbat District of Moscow.

Kino's impact on Soviet music and society was huge. The group introduced a sound and lyrics that no other Soviet actor before them was able or willing to produce. Kino opened the doors for modern Russian rock bands. It's displayed today in many places around Russia, from graffiti on the fences of St. Petersburg to an entire wall dedicated to Victor Tsoi in a bylane of the famous Arbat street in Moscow, where fans still gather to remember their hero. In 2000 some of the nation's top rock bands came together and released their interpretations of Kino's best songs as a tribute to Victor Tsoi on what would have been his 38th birthday. Even though he is gone, Victor Tsoi still lives in the minds of many Russian youths.

Most recently, Viktor Tsoi's "Gruppa Krovi" is played through Grand Theft Auto 4's fictional radio station (Vladivostok FM).
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Tsoi was still a legend during his lifetime and was posthumously called the "last hero" and the legend of Russian rock ... 
And yes, legends never die, I'm right? Цой не умер, он просто вышел покурить.
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This photo gives me chills. I think it's incredible how much of an impact he made, and how much he means to so many people, Russian or not.
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<font><font class="">Все говорят, что мы вместе.</font></font>
<font><font class="">Все говорят, но немногие знают в каком!</font></font>
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I love that wall - and the man as well, ofc :D
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Thanks to this little photo I became aware of one of the best bands I've ever heard.

Thanks for introducing Kino and Tsoi to me!

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oh, really? I'm very glad you liked the band! He is popular among some rock-fans in Russia even now :) and surely everybody (even not fans) know or have heard his name. He's sort of a legend now :)

thanks for the fav :)
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Victor Tsoi was a legend!
RainbowSallyDach's avatar
Цой легенда русского рока! 
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<font><font>No, he wasn`t. He is legend now.</font></font>
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this is something.. amazing!!!
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thanks a lot for the fav :)
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oh thanks a lot for the fav sweetie! at last you said something! I thought you couldn't speak any english at all because normally you just share pictures and nearly never describe them... by the way, I always wanted to ask, (I'm really really sorry for asking such a thing) are you a boy or a girl?:) because, according to your drawings, I dare say you must be a girl, but still, I can't get Korean and so just don't know :)

anyway, your drawings ARE amazing!!!! I keep an eye on your deviantart account since I was a TH-fan and even when I broke up with them I am still amazed with your works which you share!!!

xx Maria
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well..YES!, that's true!
-As you know, I am really really poor english.
so I can just speak english ,having a computer and English dictionary.;P
-and I'm a girl.
I still liked TH :))) but I likes Russia soccer, actor, now.

And .. Thank you for your Reply.
I'm very very Happy ;D
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you're always welcome!
by the way, try to find some english-korean on-line translator, it may really help you! there are lots of russian-english ones so I think there must be something alike for Korean!!
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I always used the google translation, for ,, etc.....;);;
but "Korean -> other language" is very inaccurate translation...
CharlieRadosna's avatar
well yes that's the problem with all on-line translators, they translate everything in such a weird way =_=... but still, they can be useful for translating some single word, for example, that's how I use them (because I'm lazy to use my dictionary (a book I mean) %) )
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woah, thanks a lot to a comment and lots of faves :)
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