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Adding a Blythe to the family!

Journal Entry: Sat Mar 16, 2013, 10:24 PM
Yeah so I know I don't update this often or even upload often but I thought I'd share the fact that I am currently waiting on a Blythe in the mail.

I'm actually really excited to get her because she is a well and truly (used) Blythe from Ebay. She has no clothes, stand, hair or head-cap, her face is a little worse for wear and I can't wait to get a start doing some work on her.

I'v never actually seen a Blythe in real life before even though I'v known about them for the longest time but I don't think I'm going to get into the Blythe collecting hobby, I just want the one for the sake of having one and doing her up.
I kinda more obsess over buying doll accessories and clothes and stuff rather than buying lots of dolls themselves.

But yes!! I can't wait, I'll hopefully document her progress on here, which'll give me something to upload I guess.

NEway.. I'm off to watch some Supernatural.

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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 14, 2012, 7:07 PM

So's I has a question for yous...
Does anyone know where to get some nice upholstered realistic looking SD sized sofa's or arm chairs?

I found 1 on dollmore but thats it, so does anyone know any websites I can check out? or Ebay or Esty stores or anything!!!!

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I'm soooo lazyyy!!!

Journal Entry: Fri Apr 6, 2012, 9:14 PM

Hi-DI-HO guys

So I know Iv been an epic lazy bum so I thought I'd do a little journal=P

So first off, my Lingfeng has been SOLD and paid off and will be sent away after easter, Oh im soo glad he has finial found a home to go to
Other than that I havent really been doing much in the dolly world.
I REALLY want to get around to sorting out their back stories and doing a proper youtube video on it and maybe a questions and answers video thing.
AND doing some OC drawings of them .....but...I'm just in one of those bloody (i dont feel like dong anything except watching Doctor Who, Merlin, Sherlock, Supernatural all day and getting stuck in their fandom) moods>.< because it doesn't require much effort on my part.

I'm really not a fan of these non-creative episodes, I mean there are thing that my brain thinks up that I could make or draw or do, but when I comes to doing it? it just doesn't want to come out.
Oh well..... what can you do I suppose.....Maybe I need a new doll=P

Anyway I hope yall have a great Easter:heart::heart::heart:

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Journal Entry: Tue Jan 31, 2012, 7:51 PM

Edit: And he is sold :D

Ok you guys so it seems this poor guy doesnt have much luck getting sold :(
It seems anyone who buys him (through no fault of their own) has had to back out because of something else coming up which needs money (it's happened twice now)>.<
So not to turn anyone off or anything haha =P here he is again.

He Is a Dollfamily lingfeng, is an SD sized doll (62cm), takes 16mm eyes and 9-10" wigs

BJD FOR SALE - Colour This by Charlieishnesss BJD FOR SALE  - Yet Again by Charlieishnesss BJD FOR SALE  - Requested by Charlieishnesss

Price will be $330US
Deposites start at the $50

He will come with this face-up and a completely cleaned body (so no tattoo)

Edit: Also his head has been moded mostly around the nose/bridge and eyes and a bit on the lips so he is not exactly like an original lingfeng mold:

He will not come with this blue wig or eyes but will come with:

- a  set of purple acrylic eys
- a brown Luts wig [shown here]
No Longer II by Charlieishnesss
:note wig has been styled for desired effect:

- a Tata's Paradise black leather jacket
- a pair of Nine9style long black pants
- a pair of Treedesign worn look jeans
all in original plastic wrap


USA & CANADA - $88
UK - $112 (I know its ridiculous)
note: i may have said previously shipping prices were different than noted above but it turns out he is quite a bit heavier than I estimated so I have lowered the sale price a bit:

If you want to know prices for other countries or other forms of shipping please send me a note

Sorry I do not have a DOA page so I will just be taking private notes from here on DA and I only take Paypal. Also he is already packed and ready to go due to to being ready for the previous buyer so I wont be making any changes to what he comes with
If you have any other questions just ask:D

Thank you for looking:D:D:D

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Happy late Halloween^w^

Journal Entry: Thu Nov 3, 2011, 1:28 AM

Arrrgg!!  I haven't written a journal in AAAAGES<.<
Just wanted to say Happy Halloween (I know its a little late) but I hope everone had a great time
and I loved :heart: seeing all the holloween pictures people have posted here on DA

I REALLY wished I had done one and I really wanted too but none of my dolls really have any holloween stuff
(I think I'm going to have to invest in some for next year:O)

Also I haven't really been taking a photos or anything lately, I just haven't had the inspiration or effort
(which from reading other ppls journals I'v noticed has been going around lately)
BUT I'v ordered some luvlies for my dolls to give (my girls especially) a differnt look so
hopfull that will urge me to take them out of their boxes and do something with them.

Oh and STILL wanting to get around to doing a little brief on their backstories somewhere>_<

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Journal Entry: Sat Jul 16, 2011, 11:49 PM

WEEEEEHEEEEEE!!!!! So on thursday Echos 68cm Popodoll body came in and on friday his IOS sezz head came in which couldn't be more perfect coz it gave me the weekend to work of his face-up:D:D:D heres a rather crappy photo of how he's looking so far...
(Edit) heres a close up pic of he's scaring instead^^
Echos Scars by Charlieishnesss
I'm super pleased with how he's looking  and am actually suprised at how well the face-up worked for me, usually I'm re-doing it over and over to get it looking any good but echo's was reasonably easy:3
Now all iv got to do is some body blushing and maybe a shot scar on his shoulder and I'll take some better photos.:) I was just too excited to show him off>w<

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Dolly Updates

Journal Entry: Sat Jul 2, 2011, 9:38 PM

Hey guys so I got Nox's new senior delf body in and have finished the tattoos on him that i wanted to do, check 'em out.

Nox's tatts by Charlieishnesss Nox's tatts 2 by Charlieishnesss Nox's tatts 3 by Charlieishnesss

I'm really happen with how they turned out, I really wanted to do more on his old body but i find it kinda hard to do tatts on dollfamily resin >.< i don't know.

Anyway a little snippet about the tattoos in Nox's story. The tattoos are supposed to have been forced on him by his father, having been born into a yakuza family even though he doesn't want anything to do with them or the tattoo's.

Also i so can't wait till Echo comes in, then my family will be complete...for now :o

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Journal Entry: Fri Jun 10, 2011, 12:45 AM
WeeHoo!!! so you might have noticed I gots premium now just coz I felt like it.
But apart from that here are some dolly updates that are happening with me lately.

I'v decided to get Nox a new bod from Luts coz his migidoll head doesnt match the dollfamily resin and even thought I blushed his head to match it the first time i did his face-up I found it extremely hard to match it again when i wanted to redo it.....SO I'm getting him a type 3 senior delf body which will hopefully be a better match.
Also when it comes in I'll hopefully do some better yakuza tatts on it :D

Echo which has so far been a floating migidoll ryu is getting a mold change, I luv ryus dont get me wrong but it just wasn't right for Echo, the ryu was just toooo....cute? young? puffy cheeked? I don't know but Echo is supposed to be a little older and from the russian mafia so anyway now he's going to be an IOS Sezz on a 68cm popodoll bod and he may get some criminal tattz or something, I'v already got his outfit set-up I just need a weapon/s to go with it.

Also because of Echos re-shelling I may be selling my migidoll ryu head, but I'm not sure yet, I dont really have another character for him but I gues I'll see how I feel when my stuff comes in<.<

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Happy Easter guys.
I finally got my little Tsuki last Thursday and am SUUUUPPERR happy with him he is the cutest littlest munchkin I just wanna squish him. :aww:
Luckily enough alot of my Taeyang clothes fit him really well and most of their clothes are actually ken or action figure clothes :D
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Argggg!!D: What is going on?
I was expecting Tsuki to arrive today according to the ems tracking online
but what its saying was that he was transfered to this mail center near by and processed there
then transfered to this other mail center and got processed there then got tranfered back and processed again AND transfered back to the other one AGAIN!!
It looks like he's just going back and forth...grrrr....

Anyway hopefully he'll get her tomorow but i was hoping he'd get here today coz i had the day off and wanted to spend the time for his face-up>_<
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Hello Hello:D
So i just wanted to make a short announcement that i am soon to get my 1st Yosd >w<
his name is Tsuki after Tsuki no Usagi (the moon bunny) because he has bunny ears and grey skin so he's going to be a little yokai in my story.
He is an angell-studio kimi and his payments have been finalized for around 3 weeks now so hopfully i wont hav too long a wait to go:3
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So i hav a dilema. I have just bought a new computer ( an imac to be precise) and all of the images i have uploaded so far on DA hav been edited with my old computer where they looked ok, but when i look at them through my new computer (that has a very different screen resolution) they all look like the contrast is  far to too strong and colours a bit to bright.

So im not sure weather my old computers resolution was to dull or my new ones contrast is to high,

Let me know what u guys think, do my pics seem to dark and contrasty to you?
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Just wanted to give a great big merry christmas shout out to every one XDDD
I hope u all have a super awsome fantastic day<3<3<3
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I havent really bin dont alot on here for quite some time (partly to do with lazyness) BUT MOSTLY to do with my darn bloody internet that just doesnt want to work for me, even now its not working properly.
I just managed to get here to write this but its being slow and poopy so i cant look at videos on YT and it takes about 20 mins to look at one photo let alone upload anyDX

So yeah, hopefully i'll get back into it once my technical difficulties hav been managed>_<
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YAY!!^W^, the 1st time iv ever made a moving gif. image, and of course i made it of my dolls:D Its kinda simple but I had fun making it:)
You can see it if you like in my webcam area.

Hopefully I'll get a character profile thing up for them soon somewhere=P
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just coz i feel like writing this down some where=P

So I got 2 new migidolls the other day, a cho (who is a sculpt change for Nox) and a ryu (for my character Echo) but he doesnt have a body yet


And i should tell you now that Migidoll resin does not anywhere near match Dollfamily resin which is much darker, so for Nox, i had to work alot of cream and amber pastels into the whole head:O but it matches really well now so im glad i did it, i dont know if u can really tell in the pictures=P

But HOPEFULLY I'll be getting Quins body from Loongsoul tomorrow and Nox's jointed hands too soo finger crossed:D
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Yeys!! for over 500 page views :D

As for some dollie updates, i have purchased a loongsoul girl body for Quin (yey!) so she doesnt have to borrow Xandis body anymore and i'll be able to take photos of them together^-^
And i bought Nox some Illusion spirit sd jointed hands coz i didnt like his normal hands much and jointed hands are AWSOME XD....
Bad news though, jeeryama (who i bought the products from) said theres a holiday coming up so they'll be a delay D: "whyyyyy". I always seem to get caught in holiday delay with bjd stuff "grrrr".
e_e oh well wat can u do...

Oh oh oh and i almost forgot Im thinking about getting a Popodoll Nanong for my next doll (but im still not sure) I kinda already have a character in mind whom i may call Echo (but im undecided about that too) but we'll see how it goes =P
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WOOHOO!!! so like the title suggests, iv got a new camera coming, it will be my very 1st SLR camera so if my pictures suck its because i have no idea how to use it:B, also its not an incredibly high and mighty with a gigantor price tag cam(i wish9_9)just one that i can afford, and even then i looked for the cheapest place i could get it (ebay....ahem).^^
so it will be a canon 500d...i cant wait to get it eeeeeeeeh!!=^-^=
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Arghhh I'v been kinda sick for the past couple days:( pretty much spent the whole time watching Pandora Heart and reading Heart no kuni no Alice (its so good, i wish vol 5 was out in english already).
Anywho I just found out I missed out on yet another migidoll sale (poo!) iv been wanting a ryu for awhile "i should really check there more often" not that iv the $$$cha-ching to shout out for himXD and I really NEED NEED NEED!!!! a better camera the one im using now was an cheap on-sale cam from target...ahem, It works fine-ish but it just doesnt do some differnt shots that Id like to do...
Iv also been trying to figure out some of my dolls personalities and characters more, Its funny how sometimes before u get a doll u hav this image and wateva planned out for them, and then when u get them it just doesnt work out and they kinda adopt their own personality (ok so only some ppl do that) but when i got Hiroshii, i got him this violin and when trying to do some pics of him with it i thought 'this is not really suiting him' but i kept on trying to make him hold it right but he was persistent on throwing it away, like his arm would just flick and he'd throw it, so now it belongs to Haku who holds it perfectly^^.....
just becoz i know y'all really really wanted to know all that :D
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So just starting out on DA and its going to mainly be for my dollies:D and checkin out every1 elses bjds:)

U gotta spread the dollie luv<3
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