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Fear Putin

I created this in Illustrator, its a rip off of shepard fairys obama work posters. I thought it would be funny to post these around town to see what type of response I would get.
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I do not fear Putin and the Russian Federation i respect them 
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Don't fuck with Putin. Just fear.
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Why should i fear Putin ? i rather Fear the US
paulina-rim's avatar
XD you think it's normal?  

                                                         cute ~PUTIN~
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im not sure i did this long long ago
Behindyoul's avatar
I think i rather Fear Obama, and The Federal Reserve Bank.
DOWModder's avatar
No fear - respect! He is da best president a country could wish! :la: :love: :worship:
Noor-al-Haqiqa's avatar
charlieclark's avatar
done a long time ago
IronCandyNotes's avatar
Good guy. Now Syria has no gas and Kerry lost his pants.
Waracki99's avatar
Why i supposed to rear of the Putin? I do nothing bad, i swear!
Waracki99's avatar
*Supposed to fear
CadaverCarnivorum's avatar
This face is shown too many times on our TV. How much I'd love to punch it!)))
Jet948's avatar… That's what would happened if you try to touch him :P
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Well said (or drawn, rather). Putin is a criminal. Then again, what can we expect from a KGB terrori- er, agent? :X
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Really like it! :D I modified it a little and got it printed on a shirt. Lots of russian tourists here, reactions are priceless when wearing it! ^^ This is what I did to it [link] Hope you dont mind. ;)
charlieclark's avatar
haha no thats awesome, I hope you get some nice comments from that.
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Love it. I respect leaders who are feared rather than respected... a bit backwards and ironic, but ah well.
AyanAyzodei's avatar
One of the best OBAMA poster twists I have seen yet. Brilliant concept/ idea.
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no real reason, i think that the us kinda fears him. and at the time, i thought that would go better with the obama hope message.
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Democracy and human rights activists don't fear Putin. They loathe him. Putin wishes they feared him. :roll:

The U.S. doesn't fear him, either- another of Putin's failed wishes.
Northernlyra's avatar
Hmm.. - strange - Do you fears him too? )))
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