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Sasuke Motivator

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sorry i find it funny how everyone drools over his 'charm'

even shikamaru
i love motivators atm,

so expect more
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is Shikamaru gay?.....O.o
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his hair still looks stupid.
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But he is not smiling
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is that orochimaru as a kid??
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do I detect a note of sarcasm? XD
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I saw Haku there, too! 'O'
noobyzgir350's avatar sasuke....
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Naruto can ! XP hehe
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shikamaru you just made a lot of fan girls cry
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I knew it! Shikamaru came out of the closet! Well not really but...
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what charm?
what smile??
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O.O........................................*brain explodes*....................
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frome whitch episode that is
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uh, i think its the very first episode. possibly the second, im not a hundred percent sure.
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i can't find it ;(
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Oh shit, oh shit, oh shit... You made my day, homeboy!
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rofl i'm surprised i never noticed that
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SHIKAMARU!!ROTFL!I knew there was a reason he found girls troublesome!lol
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Lol. Always love seeing Naruto's face p'd off. Hilarious!
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