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Cullen incest motivator

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ok, so heres the skinny.

i do not really think the cullens are classed as incest
well, i kinda do, but mostly dont.
my dad always says the saying and i just find it the funnest thing.
so i decided to make this, coz i love motivators too.

and the twilight movie sucked,
enjoy :D

(had to re upload this due to a mistake)
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i do mind the same
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Usually I am not against incest as long as they are of legal age and both are willing to have sex. Plus these guys aren't really relatives... but here's the thing... I hate Twilight! I won't forgive anything to them!!! *RAGE* Need my Anti-Twilights, LOL
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I liked the "twilight sucks" movie XD and if it was incest in the original twilight saga wouldn't Bella and Edward count too? Because they planned to tell people Bella was Emmett's sister (my mom loves twilight so I have to watch it)
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I am mistral towards twilight
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XD this is hilarous!!!
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It's not actually incest. They aren't biologically related. There's a lot wrong with The Twilight Saga, but this isn't one of those things.
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edward cullen: the worst case of pedophilia
cougar: 40 year old bella (i think she is) goes for a 16 year old dog-man (so...if he's a werewolf, does he live dog years?)
attraction to a fucking dog-werewolf-idc: no duh.
incest: runs in the family

WTF IS WRONG WITH STEPHANIE MEYERS (no offense to the twilight fans) :batman:
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Incest the game the whole family can play. You are awesome for making this!
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Absolute beauty and hilarity. Me love <3
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Hahaha they´re not really brothers and sisters :no:
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*dies laughing*
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The original quotation from Samuel Johnson:
Hell is paved with good intentions.
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Dude, I laughed so hard at this. xD
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Is it just me or does the guy on the left look like the protagonist of the assassins creed games?
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lol, I thought the same thing..
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Minus the ear rings and the creepy face, it's exactly him!
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Not to mention Miles never carried around a plastic bag of sterilized golf balls... Or are those eggs?
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Lol, I think it's a rice cake, or some fluffy whie thing! xD
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Maybe he carries around the bleached testicles of his victims :iconohshitplz:
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lol sounds like something that would be in twilight too! xD
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i liked twilight. found it highly amuzing, but i laughed my ass off when i read this.
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