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Love the color scheme.
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I love his smirk. He's like I'm going to get training without realizing he's gonna screw up and get mauled.
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I actually kinda like krillin, he's like one of those lovable losers you want to root for.
rockman-forte's avatar
absolutely favs!! i love every bit of this!!! there is something about the original series that i just love
Drepicman's avatar
dragonball and dragonball z were best in the franchise 
delPuertoSisters's avatar
Wow! Fantastic done! :D
JARLEQ's avatar
He's sailing the seas! :D
Archon89's avatar
This is very nice! :D His first appearence...
DavidGalopim's avatar
Congratulations :p It's very good
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Evil smirk, haha! Awesome work
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Aww Look at little Krilin.
leoshiyuu's avatar
hahaha, so cute!
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Basjuhdeuil's avatar
Chillin' like a Krilin
Borealis113's avatar
He's like "Let's pay a visit to that old hermit, ehheaheheahea." xD Awesome!
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nice style, very cool
csArT96's avatar
That odd face! :D
Teelee123's avatar
His head is so shiny! I wonder where he could be going. I like the sunset, looks great!
Gothic-Romantic99's avatar
Nice work. The facial expression is full of win. 
ramtin-s's avatar
hahah Dat shiney head!
FetishZone's avatar
Amazing,this is krillin spot on :D
smsjgoku's avatar
He looks very mischievous yet innocent at the same time, so you got Krillin bang on!
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