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Wings and Ruin


Aaaaand it’s done! I’m dead! My Wings & Ruin montage. I probably could have spent a couple more tweaking it to within an inch of itself but for the sake of my sanity I’m calling it done (it was hella fun, but I think I wracked up about a million hours.)

Montage of characters from S.J.Maas 'A Court of Wings and Ruin.'

PRINTS! In  the usual places, for everyone asking. Society 6 and Limited signed copies on Etsy.

PS & Cintiq 22HD
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This is exactly how I envision these characters and I’m in awe of your talent. Thank you for giving the characters in my mind real faces. Rhys especially.

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THIS!!! I love it!

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I hope to one day get this good....but......i just don't think i like drawing enough to put in the practice haha XD
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WOW <3 I'm Speechless
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It's honestly amazing. I don't know this universe but as a piece of art, it's super interesting ! I really like the composition and all of these characters ! It makes me want to know more about them all ! Great job !
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I just read the series and now I am looking for amazing fanart of the characters. You pass ;)
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I faved this drawing befor reading the book and now - after I red it - I'M EVEN MORE IN LOVE WITH THIS PIECE <3
Your fanarts are the best! <3
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awesome work! I watched your video on youtube as well, I really like your style and how you interoperate the characters of the book!
I always have a problem with drawings of Archeron sisters, because I can't see the diffrences between them. I know that it is really difficult to capture, as they look similar and the only diffrence is in the atmosphere around them. Even I had problem with it, when I was trying to imagine them. Until I stumbled upon your drawing. The work you've done with them is amazing. It is everything for them to look like. Great work.

Elain is the softest looking (the most prettiest looking), Nesta the most elegant with harsh & striking features, and Feyre is in between the both of them. All beautiful though.

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I could pick out Nesta right away. I think it's telling by how quickly I can identify who is who how well you captured their essence. This is so amazing. 
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Lucien <3. Awesome work!
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I remember when I finished the first book and I didn't understand this picture at all. LIKE WHY WAS TAMLIN SO SMALL? I understand now.
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I been reading the Court of series and stumbled upon the coloring book images on the Internet and had to buy it because the art is so gorgeous! I went to buy the coloring book today and saw that you were one of the artist! I been falling your art for a long time and was happy to see your name in it ^^
I started to read the books because of this artwork. Love the artwork and love the books :)
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Yi yi yi! I love this!
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just look at where cinnamon Rhys is looking at :D i highky appreciate the details! <3 such talent and inspiration
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I really love how expressive all their faces are! I am always impressed by your work but this is definitely a favorite of mine. It's also an amazing touch to have Tamlin turned away not looking towards the viewer, positively delightful!
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OMG!!!!!!!! You did it again!!! Beautiful as always Charlie...
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This is amazing!!
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Shouldn't Feyre only be Tattooed on her right Arm? Since The King broke the bargain?
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