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The Court of Dreams

Another piece of fanart for S. J. Maas' A Court of Mist and Fury. Rhys & Feyre :heart:

I think I might subconiously be trying to set a personal record for how much fanart I can make based on one authors work...

Prints are available on Society6!

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I saw someone mention this before, but out of all the fanart I have seen from this series, yours captures the images I see of them in my head the best. Amazing work, I put this image as my cover photo on my FB page and added a link to this once I found you so other folks can see your amazing work ;)
So here's a random, LOL. Society6 showed me an ad on Facebook with one of your other pieces (The Old Astronomer), and then I saw pieces with this art on it, and I was so stunned by the imagery that I just HAD to find out more about it so I googled you, and now I'm here and see that the art I love is *amazing* fanart and now I gotta buy the book in addition to the print I've got in my cart. <3

When/if you're next putting your hat in the ring for doing book cover art, well, here's this anecdote. XD
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Honestly one of the most beautiful fanart I've ever seen. I absolutely love this, you're so amazing!
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This looks amazing.
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hmm the clothing of the guy is certainly something i would like to copy in the future
It's even better than how I imagined it!!
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I wish I could buy this dress for prom😍😍😫
Your work is so gorgeous! I love looking at fanart but I must say, your work is EXACTLY how I was picturing the characters when I was reading the series. It's breathtaking to see them come to life, wonderful job! 
If you dont mind i would love to make this costume for me and my boyfriend. i already though of things to use and asked people to help me with it. 
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These two will forever reign in my heart! I love the connection you gave them with their eyes, your ability to articulate emotion through your work is amazing. 
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Wonderful fanart. And best couple
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The outifs are breathtaking!
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Beautiful couple. I love the books.

Feyre's dress is spectacular. And the added detail of the eye. muah
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It was when I stumbled upon your artwork of these two that peeked my interest in the book and made me read them. Loved the books and so glad the writer is planning more! Beautiful art work too you have done.
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You must to stay illustrator of this book! :)
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dude congrats on getting your art on the cover!!!
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While I have no idea what the books are about, your art is fantastic! The clothes in particular are really good, and goes well with the background. 
I was checking out the cover release for the new book when I thought to myself, "That dress looks awfully familiar..." Keep up the amazing art! <3
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