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The Court of Dreams


I wish I was a more articulate person so that I could adequately describe just how much I freaking loved the book this painting is based on. I finished S. J. Maas 'A Court of Mist and Fury' around a week ago, and whilst I've kind of managed to function as a walking, talking human being during that time - in my head I have truly been off with the faeries. This book RUINED ME. It dragged me through the wringer, smashed my heart into a million little pieces and then gloriously and magnificently pieced it all together again. This is one of the most sorrowful yet JOYOUS books that I've ever read. I really can't describe how much this book made me feel, my heart is fit to burst! It has easily swooped in as my favourite book of all time and I don't say that lightly.

I've had a lot of book hangovers, but this is in a world of its own. Never have I ever loved a pair of characters (accompanying characters and their world included) as much as I have in this book. I can't even begin to process how S. J. Maas managed to weave together this wonderful tale. It's the second instalment in this particular series so it is kind of spoilery - apologies for that - but I couldn't help myself.

When something effects me this much, I have to paint it out. I REALLY dragged out my time on this painting, working on it as lovingly as I could - listening to F&TM Cosmic Love and Never Let Me Go pretty much on repeat. This. This is my humble offering at the feet of the mighty and majestic S. J. Maas. THANK YOU.

Please send help, because I have no clue how I'm going to survive the next year until the final book is out.

*SOBBING ON THE FLOOR* Just go on without me.... it's too late for me.

:heart: Cintiq & PS

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I completely one hundred percent agree to everything you said! I have never been so hung up on a series until I read the ACOTAR series. The second book though, that one really broke me and put me back together. I cant stop thinking about it and pretty much also have been off with the faeries. Your artwork is just amazing, and wish I had such talent to describe on how I feel about such an amazing tale.

This art so amazing! I also imagined these characters!

Omg her outfit is so spot on love it!

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Absolutely love this! It's so on point with how I imagined them.
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I literally discovered this series like two days ago and I'm already obsessed. Your art is so exactly what I was picturing in my head. I love it. 
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Heart Heart Heart Heart GOALS!Heart Heart Heart Heart 
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Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart Heart  that is all I have to say.
Rhys looks like Spock
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I FEEL YOU Heart Waaaah! 
I feel the same way about this book and now I'm happy to find someone else who was still reeling after the book. I just finished it this weekend and I have no idea why I've been holding off on reading it -- oh, wait I do know why... it's because I knew it would leave me gutted that it's not real life.

I'm choosing to believe that Sarah J Maas is some sort of (unknowing) seer and is picking up on another dimension where Feyre and Rhysand both actually exist. 
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I felt exactly the same way! and I love your work! I'm a big fan! <3
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What saved me is having all her books in Audiobook form so I could draw and relive the hearbreat/falling in love. Your work is amazing and it makes me so happy to know that you enjoy the works <3
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Holy shit this is stunning. These are my fave books and your pic totally fits the omg
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I love your picture and everything you wrote in the description! :D
I felt exactly the same way! XD The second book has ruined me so much, yet I still loved every second of it! <3
You did an amazing job with those two and I thank you for this amazing piece of art! It truly shows how much they love each other! XD
Rhys is showing fryethe mating bond😮😮😉
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Because of you and your pictures, I started reading their books. First I had the wrong book in my hand, so waited for Feyre and Rhys. But they did not come in the book before, I made the search and found, only in March it came with us in German. I cried so much because I could read it now. (I'm in English ne Rivte.)
Now I'm almost through with the first book and always look at your pictures and hope for this in the content. (Was confused because of Tamlin, that has something from 'The Beauty and the Beast', my favorite fairy tale and then I saw your pictures and thought, why is that another?) Now I have to wait a whole year until Part 2 is out . I hofef your pictures help me over this time.

Thanks for your inspiration and I could find such a great book. <3
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I'm having this, mostly because of that dress. Fucking YUM.
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Your art is truly beautiful, and I just love the way you portray these characthers <3 ( I too am helpless from reading both Empire of Storms, and 'A court of Mist and Fury')

Thank you for this.
You're so talented. I bought your Inner Circle print as a pillow on Society 6 and I love it so much. I featured it on Instagram. Do you have an Instagram so I can tag you in it, keep getting asked who the artist is on it.

I see you're from the UK. Do you ever display your art for sale at Comic Cons or YALC? You should, they're incredible.
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