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I’ve been pretty unsatisfied with my own work lately, it was beginning to feel pretty stagnant. I feel like I’m starting on a whole new learning curve, which is nice. As much as I appreciate all the previous positive feedback on my work, I don’t want to be known as ‘the chick that draws the pretty girls!’ So anyway! A fresh painting. I’m ashamed to say I’ve never really painted an old person (holy crap, wrinkles are fun.) I can officially scratch that off my list! This was a total breath of fresh air :]

Photoshop & Wacom Intuos 3, around 3-4 hours.
Little group of references I used: [link]

More updates on my blog as always.

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Move over Frederic Remington, there's a new artist in town!
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It always amazes me how talented people can be. Tis awesome sir.
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Wow! Your art is so beautiful and detailed! You've no reason to be unsatisfied, even if it isn't your best art, it's still incredibly marvelous!
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Incredible work! I just completed a drawing of chief Red Cloud today myself. My first time as well with an older person. My favorite part to draw on mine anyway was the face. What was yours?
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The apache tracker
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i don't like this
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'HOOOAAH!!!!!'  :clap: :salute:
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Very Beautiful and noble ..........❤️
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I feature your artwork here :
I hope it's ok :) (Smile)
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i've always loved this noble expression that indian chiefs have on old photos. A beautiful work indeed !!
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Wow, this is undoubtedly beautiful.
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Old native chief is the perfect practice for wrinkles, that and Mother Teresa. You should do more native, warriors, war parties, tribal ceremonies, have some fun.
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"holy crap, wrinkles are fun."

adorable. :)

Keep up the amazing work!
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cool work he looks like a proud and wise leader
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OMG i love this!
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very well done. I like this a lot.
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Stunning! Absolutely fave this one. And yes, wrinkle is fun, you should do more old people..
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