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The Boundary

'I am not lost. I am found
This wandered path is filled with fleeting whispers
Empty promises of better days
Silence, however, is stretching out her hand
‘This way’
Leave behind the cross roads and dead ends
You are not lost. You are found'

Something different, personal. All digital - Photoshop CS3.

Plain sketch and lots more updates on my blog: [link]

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J apprécie ce style merci beau à regarder

leighheasley's avatar
i love this so much
Kubriss's avatar
Love the tints & curves!
GenkiPuck42's avatar
Your style here reminds me of illustrations by Trina Schart Hyman... several others have mentioned Arthur Rackham, and I can definitely see some of his flavor in this as well!
randompersyn's avatar
I can't think of the words to adequately describe this. Pulls me in.
Madmax42's avatar
wullagaru's avatar
if it hadn't been said this reminds me very much of rackham's work ... really great work .. different from all your work but marvelous all the same
DAELAH's avatar
Was that your poem? It's beautiful :)
hermes-tot's avatar
Very beautiful, like the memory of a dream.
Jesalynn's avatar
this is incredibly ... touching? i don't know the right word for it. it's particularly attention grabbing.
1-Ace's avatar
beautiful; love the whole feel and coloring of the piece. ^^
Tenerlo's avatar
Sooo coool. Truly neat.
Christa-Kinde's avatar
This piece whispers the very things we need to hear.

I love that her left foot is gently poised to take that first step over the line.
iangoudelock's avatar
Very pretty. I can tell this is a more personal piece, it's truly touching :)
FeatherEyed's avatar
I like all the hand prints on the trees and the dull colors
fael-h5n1's avatar
reminds me of a child with divorced parents struggling to find her way... beautiful, stunning and impressive indeed ;)
MirtKlaar's avatar
sooooooooooo sweet!!!
happysmack's avatar
this looks like a picture that should be in a fairytale book
Aexonfleux's avatar
Your whole gallery is outstanding, and this is beautiful :)
Elektrosmurf's avatar
Deeply moving. Both picture and poem. Both together made a tear run down my cheek.
amazingtoast's avatar
this is so beautiful. im in love with your whole gallery (:
medailon's avatar
Oh. The tree. And the line "Leave behind the cross roads and dead ends". Touches me.
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