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We have Learning Lunches at *atomhawk every so often. It's essentially a show and tell where one of our Artists will paint a demonstration of a chosen subject, while the rest of us sit around stuffing our faces watching the big screen. I've never considered myself gifted when it comes to any kind of public speaking, even with the people I work with ;)... but practice makes perfect.

They're good fun and it was my turn this week! So I painted a little skin demo. The face on the left is around 40 minutes, and the face on the right is about 1.5 hours. I thought this might be fun to share.

PSCS4 & Wacom Intuos 4

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Every aspect of this face is captivating. Did you have a live model?

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Perfectly wonderful!

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Stunning work
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its amazing how much polish you can put on a piece, how do you do freckles? do you use a special brush? what blend mode are those freckles?
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Can I add it to favourites twice? :D
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Thank you for this. It will help me with my digital paintings.
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Thanks for sharing the exercises.These portraits are feeding this hungry watcher, I'm befriending the process for placing another painting into my faveAREA.As a fellow deviant artist,studying illustration,it is easy choosing from these expert examples.Knowing they are from your evening seminar tickles my interests at your deviantPAGE.Thanks for elaborating on techniques.
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it is so beautiful!!!
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Used this drawing as reference here… .And by the way, awesome work!
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Really nice ^^

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how are you so good?
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For the face on the right, does 1.5 hours include 40 minutes for the face on the left, or was it starting over from scratch?
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The learning lunch idea sounds really fantastic. If you don't mind me asking, did/do you find it easier or more difficult to know you're talkin/demoing for experienced artists? I imagine you can take some knowledge as being understood and not need to explain every aspect of the way you work while you're doing it, but pinpoint more specific, complex issues as you encounter them. Anyways, beautiful work and thanks for sharing!
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When it's your turn to demonstrate during lunchtime, when do you get to eat? And to take a break?
Either way, it's a really nice image and I would have loved to see it unfold.
cool stuff looks a bit like the tutorial of dan luvisi on imagine fx
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This is amazing. The expression on her face, the eyes...
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Where can i locate the demonstration? :3
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This is so great. I'd tear off my nuts just to come close to drawing the "rough" image... 
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But, what do you use brushes ?
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holy sh..., amazing
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wow. it's so subtle, but such a different look. Thanks for sharing!
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