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Sketch XXIII

So not really a sketch but not really a finished piece either? Just a little something I painted for a Q&A in the current Imagine FX, which I liked enough to post :)

Enrollment is currently open for my very first skillshare class on Character Concept Art! You can read all the details here and sign up here for anyone interested: Character Concept Art: from thumbnail to final design.
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She looks gorgeous! Happy Black History Month! Btw, u should totally read the Tristan Strong series from Riordan presents by Kwame Mbalia, it's based on African myth and AWESOME!!!!

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The lighting is beautiful

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Maravilhoso trabalho

This is one of my favorite Art pieces of all time
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Absolutely gorgeous 😍😍
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Gosh, what a beauty. 
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Such a beautiful piece, well done.
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Is there any chance you'd ever make this a print?
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i adore her design!
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I saw your artwork and I got motivated to write again, and I love it. Seeing your whole deviantart... man you're good! I love your artwork- keep it up! :D
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Black and beautiful
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Hello! I bought a print at Akon( an anime convention here in Dallas, Texas,USA) and it looks VERY similar to this painting. The lady named it Rapunzel and it was a profile piece with the EXACT SAME EVERYTHING!(Minus clothes i will say) Even down to the yellow sparkles/dots with the sig. in yellow.  I don't know if you allowed this, but i just thought i'd share it with you because it just looked so alike with yours. It could have been a coincidence, but i honestly don't know. I can upload it if you would like to see what i am talking about.   
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Hi, I certainly don't allow it! This was for Imagine FX and so there shouldn't be any prints of it. 
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Ah, i see. It isn't the exact same picture, but it looks i guess...heavily influenced? The colors are the same, she has long braids with also the same color, the sparkles are the same along with the background. Like i said it could be a coincidence or inspiration, but it looks like they didn't really bother to put a tremendous amount of effort into making it their own. At least to me they didn't.

Here is a link to my Google+ page where i uploaded a photo of it. I won't leave it up since it's not my work and now i feel different about it.…
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Thank you for showing DA that black women are beautiful =D
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Charming, warm, beautiful and wise. Lovely! :D
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Dynamic and soft, really well executed!
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the subject is so beautiful. I somehow think she's the most beautiful from all of your portraits :D
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