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Sketch XXI

A current work in progress. I like it enough at the sketch stage to share it, there should hopefully be a colour version popping up soon!

I'm considering offering this as a limited edition print run, numbered and signed by myself, something I haven't done before. I'm trying to gauge if there'd be any interest, so if anyone's interested let me know!

Photoshop CS5 & Wacom Intuos 5. Around two hours, so far.

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SuzumiyaDistraccion's avatar
Omg, she looks like Padme ♥ It's amazing
Totemos's avatar
She looks like Natalie Portman :'D aka a real beauty, amazing work!
carlacryptic's avatar
Love it!  Really arresting.
m0rganrebecca's avatar
Amazing. Simply amazing.
Serendipity1889's avatar
reminds me of princess leia!
Mini-Wolfsbane's avatar
SupermanLovesAspen's avatar
Could you upload a larger version of this?
scorpioslight's avatar
natalie portman!  good job =)

p.s. just sayin she looks like her
DragonJengaFist's avatar
Looks like Chun-Li at a funeral. XD
hadasaugh-sculpt's avatar
I'd love to see this when you get the color version - but this is simply stunning!
FlorianCasparSchmidt's avatar
awwww thats beautiful, the outlined flowers make it perfect =)
rafaelscamara's avatar
congratulations for this beautiful work, but I have to ask, which brush do you use?
LoBill's avatar
Your work is amazing... 
Glametalove's avatar
Keep moving forward ! Good luck (y)
Rosy-Things's avatar
wow this is beautiful
DancingDinosaur's avatar
This is really cool :) I like the look in her eyes and the flowers.
Hi ! your work on it is really impressive ! I'm REALLY interested by a print !!! plz do it !
Obsidian-Eyes's avatar
your work is off the charts good! always impressed!
kischi's avatar
I love it!!!
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