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Sketch XX

A very half assed doodle / painting (I didn’t even finish her limbs) inspired by Aisling from The Secret of Kells. I wasn’t particularly blown away by the film, but I’ll be damned if I don’t love a girl with swooshy hair. About 2 hours.

PS5 & Wacom Intuos 4.

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This is beautiful❤️❤️
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Is it weird that this is how Auri from The name of the Wind looks like in my head?
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you have such an artistic talent and have made some incredible work!!! and I actually just saw this movie a couple days ago and was like SHE KNOWS! amazing job 
nhim666's avatar
Add a flaming crown floating above her head and it would be exactly one of my novel's protagonist.
What a beautiful piece of art, I love it.
corylibra's avatar
cloud girl, its as if she is part of i cloud, my first impression
SakuradaJun's avatar
looks like very long hair :3 cloud hair! 
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FangsAndNeedles's avatar
I was definitely reminded of Aisling before I read you comments. I thought the style of the film was quite nice. And I loved her and the cat :)
terrorchan's avatar
Oh wow.
She looks a bit like Luna Lovegood I think.
terri-mimic's avatar
I'm glad you didn't finish her limbs, it's perfect the way it is.
Its like she is one with the mist it's a beautiful piece.
Mythalas's avatar
So ethereal and otherworldly. Great work!
becsketch's avatar
Arresting eyes and wonderfully elegant
FangsAndNeedles's avatar
Wonderful! I thought of Aisling before I read the comment :)
Batiemily's avatar
I love it!!!!!!
Phyllipa's avatar
Very beautiful, she looks quite curious
TollersTree's avatar
Did you use pen pressure on it?
TollersTree's avatar
It looks like Legend of Zelda or Game of Thrones! Nice!
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wow you're amazing. this is beautiful.
TheRainbowlum's avatar
amazing! i love the intensity of her eyes =D
Ravenous13's avatar
Ghastly and amazing.
Jubza's avatar
looks like luna lovegood
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