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A set of recent sketches. Trying to pick up speed; they're around 30 - 40 minutes per sketch. Messy as hell!

Photoshop CS5, Wacom Intuos 3.
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MariaEnzianiaKober's avatar
Well – for 30-40 minutes each they look very good :)
JackBaraKittyCat's avatar
The last one is my favorite!!!!
theARTofGOTHIC's avatar
Fantastic are an inspiration ;P
tolkienmithril's avatar
I love this. Strong heroines. Nice.
imwakingup's avatar
Love it! Great job. :)
Vapolord's avatar
looks cool. I wish i could handle photoshop that well. Somehow i always screw things up^^
LaMomina's avatar
gph-artist's avatar
Messy? Hardly. :)

Great flow, nice tonality.
Juuuuliet's avatar
40 minutes... sketch... messy as hell...
*sigh* Headache New
Ferions's avatar
totally agree... those are the dream of my life ç_________ç
Feelicitas's avatar
I know that feeling... >.>
Artese's avatar
My reaction exactly LOL
CraigJohn's avatar
Messy as hell? Not from where I'm standing!!! :O
soovigon's avatar
great work art!!!!!!!!!!!
randychen's avatar
This is very good~ +fav
dwayned3's avatar
wolfgrrl92's avatar
I especially love the two characters on the left; I think you manage to capture expression and intention even in 'messy' sketches. Nice job! :)
DarinHuddy's avatar
Just delightful! I like messy!
Kitefr's avatar
Messy ? O_o
Drawing like that can take me days !! (And if i can finish it...)

I really love your art !
prechoco's avatar
I really love the loose sketchy feel of the piece though! It looked very fun to paint! Great work!
ZakuraKnight's avatar
I like the one on the far left. She's very detailed
KahlanAmnell123's avatar
I love the two women on the left, beautiful!
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