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Rhys and Feyre

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I couldn’t very well do all these Throne of Glass portraits without drawing my precious babies Rhys & Feyre (from S.J.Maas A Court of Mist & Fury) again! :heart:

Rhys is still fucking impossibly perfect to actually DRAW. One day I’ll get you right, Rhys. ONE DAY. 

Cintiq 22HD & PS

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Love your style!
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Omg this art is amazing!!! I absolutely love this series and this interpretation of the characters. You are so good at art
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Re-reading the books for like the 4th time over.. and anxiously awaiting the 3rd next year. Your portrayal of these two is very lovely c: 
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Your kitchenware the death of me!! They are so gorgeous!!!

Love them!!!!
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No idea where kitchenware came from. XD
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This is ahow I almost imagine Rhysand, I´m reading ACOMAF and I felt in love with him (actually since ACOTAR)  
You draw really really good!
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Oh yeah, Rhys's character and appearance features are too complex to picture with imagination, let alone paper/digital canvas. (But this one seems damn PERFECT to me!) However, it doesn't make us adore him less! <3

By the way, your ToG-ACOTAR sketches helped me work out my own paper drawing basics, since I find our depiction styles more or less alike :)
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I like a person!
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I love Feyre's freckles in this piece!  It's just so cute!
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Beautiful drawings. I love the painterly style you've used. Great work again!
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I'd say its a pretty good take on Rhys! :D
I love your Feyre :3
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I just read the first one and absolutely loved it.  Unfortunately, I have to wait until I can read the second.  I cannot wait!
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one of the many reasons i love feyre was because she described as having brown hair and blue eyes, like me! maybe one day I can hope to be as awesome as she is haha
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Ah!! I love your fanart of them!! And I love how you draw Rhys & Feyre always!:heart:
Makes me long even more for the second book that will be FINALLY published in dutch, my language over 2 weeks. OVO Due to your fanart, I'm dying here, waiting for that book to come out. ;v;
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Ok, so here's some utterly random and unnecessary word vomit for ya...

I've been following your art journey for a bagillion years now. I keep track of most of your online profiles... I'm not crazy, I swear, I just really like your art *cries*. So one day I see this gorgeous new art of yours and apparently it's fanart for this book series I've never heard of. The art is gorgeous and your comment totally gets me interested so I get book numero uno. I devour it in about 5 days (a record for me because I'm a slow reader plus, you know, life) and I'm like: " *shivers* Well, shit! *continues shivering* I need to see what happens next." I get book numero dos, and fuck me sideways it ruins me...  RUIIIIINNNssss meee... just like you said in your comment on the first fanart. Like... how!? What is life??
And now, five days after finishing book no.2, I'm sitting here with a shriveled fleshy mass where my heart used to be and a void I have to wait, what... a year? to refill and once again become the human being I once was.

So, curse you Charlie Bowater... and thank you for ruining my life :blowkiss:
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Haha, welcome to the shrivelled heart club! I'm glad you enjoyed them :)

If you need something to fill the void, and to destroy yourself with feels - Sarah's Throne of Glass series is equally epic.
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Both are so beautiful. :3 
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They look amazing.
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do you give your women man faces on intentionally? It seems to be a fetish for you
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Wow! way to be a terribly rude troll!!! Charlie's paintings are the most beautiful ever and her female and male characters are both unique and beautiful. The also resemble how she looks which is why its her art style. All mature artists have an art style. You wouldn't know that since you aren't one. But that in no way gives you the right to insult anyones art! Fetish? You don't even know what that means! Go waste your time somewhere else. No one needs your rude opinions . If you can't say anything nice or critique constructively then just shut up! I'm sorry Charlie that you have to tolerate such scums!
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I'm not getting to the debate below, everyone's entitled to their opinion.

BUT. There's nothing constructive here, you just don't like it. So what.

I fucking love strong features.
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Charlie-Bowater I suggest you block this troll. He seems to have a habit of doing this! All I had to do was call him out on what he said to you and he started doing the same thing on my artworks too. I hope he wont bother you again! Your art is gorgeous the way it is :) 
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