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I could keep tweaking this until the cows come home - but I'm calling my Rhys portrait done!

Rhys, High Lord of The Night Court from S. J. Maas 'A Court of Thorns and Roses' & 'A Court of Mist & Fury'

PS & Cintiq 22 HD    
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ยฉ 2016 - 2021 Charlie-Bowater
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Hello just wanted to stop by. You have such amazing art just curious if you take art trades?

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If I stare too much I bet embarrased ๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚๐Ÿ˜‚ I can't look at it for more than half second, I love this art so much

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Absolutely the best and most masculine drawing of Rhysand ever. I love it

Your work is stunning!

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a few years back i had him as phone wallpaper, when my grandma saw him.. she asked if it's my boyfriend. yeah, I WISH.

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Funny story: A friend recommended these books to me saying they were "a bit girly". I didn't realise what they meant until it was too late XD. And I actually like the story but I'm just not into the genre.
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i discovered the books thanks to you art and i'm so thankfull i could picture this handsome guy the way you captured him <3
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Still my absolute favourite picture of Rhysand. Thank you for this. You are truly amazing.
yeahh i saw this on pinterest but wanted to know who had drawn it and know i found it :) :) soo good!
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he is a real person. he is a real person. its real. 
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This is perfection Heart 
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Death Incarnate. Night Triumphant. The most handsome and most powerful High Lord of all Prythian. Heart 
You have captured his beauty, roguish smile, and deep sadness. It's exquisite. 
I love the character in his face.  Well done.
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Baahh!! In have just fallen in love with him again !!! You are amazing at this!!!!
He is absolutely beautiful!!! Love him, this is the perfect image thank you!!! Can you paint Helion next??
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He looks so much like the actor Goran Visnjic! Lovely work.
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The eyes and the smirk will get me every damn time! Amazing! 
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Mesmerizing eyes! Absolutely gorg!
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How do you skinnnn???
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His infinitesimal smile is the killer! XD
And I love his eyes. :D The colouring is just awesome.
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