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Somewhere between a sketch and finished work. Anyone who follows my blog will have already seen this. Normally I wouldn't post something that has such a stark difference between the finished / unfinished sections, but I'm growing more comfortable with sharing my rough work. Something disgustingly, shamefully 'pretty'.

It's very obvious this isn't 'polished' nor do I intend to make it so. If you like it, awesome. If you don't, sorry dudes!

Photoshop CS2
Wacom Intuos

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Im so in love with the colour scheme. FREE flying hearts Icon 
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Simply beautiful!
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Oh, hush. It's beautiful.

I love how it fades from perfectly sharp face to roughly sketched and blurry.
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Beautiful! Congratulations! Handshake 
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So wonderfully alluring. Her eyes seem determined to convey some message.
This is beautiful!! I love the essence you captured and the digital painting style. It's amazing. How long have you been painting? 
Shamefully pretty? boy this is a it! with all my heart <3 <3
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the fact that it's unfinished draws more attention at this gorgeous face of hers!
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this is absolutely beautiful
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Awesome as is - anything else wouldn't do this justice - Beautiful!
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This takes my breath away... She's gorgeous and I love it unfinished as it is.
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finished/unfinished is my favourite combo! it draws the eyes round..... super!
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There should be more pretty art in the world. Those who want all the art to be dark and ugly are probably those who have dark, ugly souls and they become filled with jealousy when they see a beautiful human portrayed in art. Frankly, I really don't like that so many artists focus on the dark and macabre. There's enough darkness in the real world. I don't need to see it in art too. 

This is really beautiful. I love her pretty face, hair, and eyes, and the roses in her hair. Great work. 
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The reason why I love this is because of it's unfinished look. I have been trying to leave things a little more "rough" myself as practice at being more painterly, and you accomplished here what I am seeking to do. It's gorgeous.
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great contrast with the different finishes!!! just beautiful:)
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i like the unfinished, finished look. it gives it a good focal point. beautiful work 
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Beautiful. The work on the flowers around her face is stunning:)
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I love how she looks as though she is coming to life from a sketch, I really enjoy the partially finished look in art...absolutely stunning work ^_^
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Beautiful! She looks like Anya from cycle 10 of America's Next Top Model
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The way everything kind of fades around her face frames her face nicely and makes the whole picture that much more beautiful. The colors complement each other well. I don't know much about art, but this looks like a picture where less is more. Love this one. 
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beautiful! i think the "unpolished" parts actually add to it, they make you focus completely on her face, which is gorgeous
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