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.: Noir :.

Oh yes, I'm a girl who loves original titles! >__>

Anyway, FINALLY something new! :lol:
Haven't posted a thing since January XD As always, no explanation. I've been working on this on and off the past couple of weeks, few issues here and there but it's ok. =>

Photoshop CS2
Wacom Intuos 3
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The most favorite this work! Such a calm and pleasant. And more comfortable for me)
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You're amazing!!!!!
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Very beautiful and mysterious picture
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Beautiful and beautifully done!!
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her ethereal hair is so harmonious with her silky skin.
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Very sad? or just thoughtful?
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you seem like the type who don't just settle for good enough, you seek perfection and that's why work continues to flourish. Only the artist knows what is the finish product after all its your mind and not ours but from my perspective it is perfect in its own way. Wonderful!!!! peace.
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Featured your work here: [link]
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Just can't look away...
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You are really hard on yourself. "few issues here and there but it's ok"
Really?!?!? Where? It really good.
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Haha! Love the description. Too funny :P
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Excellent light! Its got that oldworld painterly feel to it :)
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It's such a beautiful character
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this reminds me of my sister
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Wowww... I'm in love haha
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Very well done hair and a great outfit.
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She's beautiful, fabulicious job.
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