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ImagineFX Issue 114 Cover Sketches

The sketches for my recent cover and workshop for ImagineFX 114.

Photoshop CS6 & Intuos 5 

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© 2014 - 2021 Charlie-Bowater
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i mean it when i say this that whenever i see a piece of yours it's breathtaking and i want to cry because it's so beautiful. 
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charlie bowater: *calls totally effing rad portraits that are beyond my skill level "sketches"*

Me: *laughs and then smashes own face through desk* 
magicmidnight13's avatar
i feel you mate ;A;
Birrueta's avatar
ty imaginefx! <3
bianres's avatar
awesome! Hey, did you use any reference or you just did it from your imagination? Anyway, your paintings are awesome. Very inspiring.
PerennialReverie's avatar
I LOVE seeing the sketch work before the painting. I hope you have more of this in your gallery! 
Lunar-Black's avatar
Their expressions are so intense! I keep switching between them and making what feels like actual eye contact. I love this!
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Hey it's very cool to see these sketches.
moniquehodge's avatar
Love how you were really careful in making their facial structures very different. They are similar, but the differences are so subtly apart from each other. That takes a lot of attention to detail.
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your facessss <3
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I saw you in my most recent copy of ImagineFX! i saw this on DA and was like, 'I swear I've seen this before' and I have to say I loved your tutorial. Has anyone ever told you that the cover picture looks a little like Megan Fox, or did you use her picture for reference?
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nicely done,
Faces looks notably the same tho. Very similar features. Especially lips, eyes and overall face proportions ...and jaws. I'm dealing with this problem. Drawing four girls in a row, each should be different and somehow special if possible. But they are somehow alike no mater how hard I try. Slowly I learned the personal taste, is the great enemy :)
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they follow the golden ratio of beauty :) the idea is for supermodel-like beauty, and if the subject's features deviate from such ratio, it is a challenge to use sufficient effects in order to compensate for the fact that they look less perfect-looking. Otherwise it could be seen as an artistic error that the eyes are too high up, the jaw is too wide, the lips are too thin, etc. Basically, pretty people tend to look the same

It's just because it's somehow become a rule that every female in the fantasy genre has to look like a Victoria's Secret model, I don't really like that fact either. It rather calls for a lack of induviduality.

Also, keep in mind it's for the cover of a magazine, so it's a bit more commercially orientated than Charlie's other images, which are all very unique and unconventionally beautiful.
Skvor's avatar
maybe it become a rule because artists did not ache enough for individuality too often. Or because they could not afford it. And what is individuality? I can relate to understanding it as a thing that makes someone love, and other one hate. And industry wants everyone be like... oh its good. But eh, this is again a big topic with no answer. Art versus industry. Individuality versus the power of masses.

Also fact is every artist tends to make the faces look a lot alike when drawing from mind. For example, does one specific type of eyebrows really fall under the rule of golden ratio?
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absolutely gorgeous, you've been my favourite artist for a loong time! 
art-of-fai's avatar
Just read the article, was very informative.
You got an obsession with freckles, don´t you? ;)
Keep your awesome work up
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I love checking out your sketches and doodles Charlie! I'm diggin' the girl with the cropped hair :D
WalisonQ's avatar
simply magnificent!! *^*
HannasFAB's avatar
This is beautiful and the shading is fantastic. You are really great with shadows and faces.
daledriven's avatar
I love it, I wish I were better at portraits.
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They're all so beautiful! You never cease to amaze me! I have to say the last one is probably my favourite although I really love all of them. I think her expression in the last one is really quite haunting. Breathtakingly beautiful stuff! =)
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