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A little Blade Runner inspired something-something ♥

Recorded the process for Patreons so that will be available soon! 
Cintiq & PS 
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Amazing. Lovely. Stunning. What an amazing work- It just makes you wonder, there's such a mysterious yet somehow familiar feel to it. Thank you for painting this, keep at it! <3
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You are terribly wrong, this is clearly an heroic-fantasy version of Mokoto Kusanagi
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looks gorgeous!! :wow:
Оnly sexy and lonely girls from уоur сitу - hеrе!!!! :dummy:
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This immediately made me think of the song from the new movie even before I saw the title Love  
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YES! :clap:

Attacked ships off shoulder of Orion
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So beautiful! <D
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all these moments will be lost in time, like tears in the rain. 
; )
I love it.
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Wow, outstanding 
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Very sinister and very good. :-)
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So cool! You should do TutorialsGalaxy Heart 2 
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Very cool! I like that digital fading thing you have going there:D
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Absolutely! Bladerunner feels. 
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how much do you want to be that this song is going to be in the new one
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Haha, no bets from me (I've seen it!) Although there is a song called Human in it, just not that one. 
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